November 2, 2012

Argo is a GO GO!

Last weekend we had dinner and went to see Argo with our friends Zach and Valerie.  They cooked a delicious K-safe meal (cilantro and avocado chicken--my FAVORITE flavor combination!) and after we pried the boys away from looking at guns we made it to the movie theater just in time for the previews!

Gordon, Mom and Dad saw Argo the night before us in Los Angeles when Mom and Dad were visiting for Parent's Weekend.  They all said it was really good and that we should go see it.  And for a movie to get a stamp of approval from my brother--it better be good.  He goes to school in LA after all.  And he regards most of my movies as smut.  However, this one got two thumbs up.

And I totally agree.  It was amazing.  I cried twice.  The first time was when they were all taken as hostages.  It's overwhelming to think about people hating America that much.  And then I think about Grant and all our friends being deployed and having to fight people that hate America that much.... And the second time when they cleared Iranian air space at the end of the movie.  How can you not cry then?! If you haven't seen it, go see it right now.  You won't be disappointed.

Grant had a DONSA on Monday so after we did our early voting, I made him walk next door to the library so I could check out Guests of the Ayatollah by Mark Bowden (the guy who wrote Black Hawk Down).

I plowed through the whole book in just a few days.  It was really interesting to read about the details of the hostage crisis.  I honestly don't know how all those people survived.  The book describes an extremely isolating, draining experience (and sometimes physically abusive).  Although some of the writing went into a little more detail then I really cared to read about (Bowden is a journalist after all...), I would still recommend the book if you're interested in the hostage crisis.

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