November 20, 2012

oh em gee...I don't care if it's GLUTEN free!

So Grant and I are celebrating Thanksgiving in Clarksville this year.

Originally it didn't look like the Army was going to give Grant enough time off for us to fly back, and by the time we got the go ahead that we would be able to come home, flights were soooo expensive.  So we decided to switch things up this year. We flew home to California over Veteran's Day Weekend where our moms put together what we like to call A Very Griki Thanksgiving.  I promise a post will come this week with all the details about that weekend.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving with some very good friends in Clarksville this year.  Thursday we get to celebrate their baby boy's 1st birthday and Friday we will do a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  So Thursday night Grant and I get to have our own Thanksgiving.  We figured it's pretty much the only time in our entire lives that we will celebrate a holiday just the two of us--so why not!  

We figured out our menu...just our favorites (since we already did Thanksgiving in California and will be having another Thanksgiving on Friday)!  Bacon wrapped water chestnuts to start off, followed by a turkey from the Honeybaked Ham store and broccoli, and finally pumpkin pie for dessert.

Today I went to the Honeybaked Ham store and let me just say it was a food allergy DISASTER.

I walked into the store and first encountered the store greeter/order look-up person.
Greeter: Hi, do you have an order?
K: No, but could you tell me what kind of turkey you use?
Greeter: (blank stare)
K: I have a lot of food allergies and I'm wondering what brand of turkey you use.
Greeter: You'll have to ask someone at the counter about that.

So I waited for 10 minutes in line and made it up to the counter.

Lady at the counter: Hi, how can I help you?
K: Hi, I'm interested in one of your turkeys, but I have a lot of food allergies.  I know the glaze is ok, but I'm wondering what kind of turkey you use?
Lady at the counter: (blank stare)
K: I'm allergic to some of the ingredients in certain types of turkeys, so I'm wondering what brand you use?
Lady at the counter: Here (gesturing to the older man next to her), she has food allergies and has questions about our turkeys.

Older man: Ok
K: Hi, I'm interested in one of your turkeys, but I have a lot of food allergies.  I know the glaze is ok, but I'm wondering what kind of turkey you use?
Older man: Oo, don't worry, all of our turkeys and hams are gluten free.
K: That's great, but I'm wondering if you can tell me what type of turkey you use.  I am allergic to certain ingredients.  For example, I can't have certain types of chicken because they have chicken broth injected into them.
Older man: (blank stare)
K: If you have a label from one of your turkeys, or even a whole turkey with the label still on it, I'd be happy to look at it for myself to figure it out.
Older man: Ok, I'll be right back (walks to the kitchen)
K: (waiting)

Five minutes later

Older man with placard in hand: Here is our allergy list, see there are no allergens in the turkeys or ham.  You'll be fine.
K: That's great, but unfortunately my allergens are in the top 8 allergens so they wouldn't show up on that list.
Older man: Oh, well you'll be fine, our turkeys and ham are gluten free.
K: You know what, I'm just gonna go with a honeybaked ham.

I texted Grant, apologizing for my major first Thanksgiving together as a married couple fail.  Grant said he doesn't care at all, and honestly, we both like ham better anyway.  But it's THANKSGIVING.  I was going to cook a whole turkey, but this seemed like such a better option for just one night for the two of us.  And before I even went, Grant and I had decided that the ham would be our back up option if their turkey wasn't K safe...But seriously Honeybaked Ham store. The people at the store were all nice and polite.  And I've been to that store before (not during the Holiday rush) and they were extremely helpful.  They even let me read the packaging to make sure what I was getting was safe.  So I take partial responsibility for waiting until two days before Thanksgiving to start asking questions about their turkeys.  And I know that if you don't have food allergies, the way you think about food allergies is completely different.  But still, I don't care if your turkeys and hams are gluten free.  PILE ON THE GLUTEN.

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