November 1, 2012

Day 1: National Health Blog Post Month

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I can't believe I just finished blogging 31 posts for Dysautonomia Awareness Month (October!).  But I saw this online and thought it would be a great way to continue posting about POTS.  WEGO Health is providing the pompts and I'll be writing the posts.  The entire month of November I will be blogging with WEGO Health to continue to spread awareness about POTS.

Day 1: Why I Write About My Health

I write about my health because it took me four and a half years to find the correct diagnosis.  You can read about my story here.  Maybe someone will stumble upon one of my posts and realize that they share my symptoms.  It took a chance conversation with one of my doctors for me to learn about POTS.  Yet, the actually diagnosis part was simple.  Of course POTS is what I have.

I write about my health because spreading awareness is the only way life with POTS is going to get better for all those that have it.  Right now POTS is about treating the symptoms.  By creating a POTS community we are able to share our stories and discover new treatments (non-prescription) without having to wait weeks for specialist appointments that may or may not do any good.  Plus, no one wants to feel alone with an invisible illness.

Disclaimer: While I am sharing information I have researched, read about, and found to be helpful myself, I am not a doctor and all decisions regarding your own personal treatment should be discussed with your own doctors.  Remember, I am just a patient.

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