November 5, 2012

Day 5: Thankful, Excited, Inspired

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I can't believe I just finished blogging 31 posts for Dysautonomia Awareness Month (October!).  But I saw this online and thought it would be a great way to continue posting about POTS.  WEGO Health is providing the pompts and I'll be writing the posts.  The entire month of November I will be blogging with WEGO Health to continue to spread awareness about POTS.

Day 5: Thankful, Excited, Inspired

I am thankful for my amazing husband.

I am excited for the holiday season!

I am inspired by the increasing awareness and research about POTS.

What are you thankful, excited and inspired about?

Disclaimer: While I am sharing information I have researched, read about, and found to be helpful myself, I am not a doctor and all decisions regarding your own personal treatment should be discussed with your own doctors.  Remember, I am just a patient.

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