November 8, 2012

Day 8: How I Choose to Write About Others

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WEGO Health is providing the pompts and I'll be writing the posts.  The entire month of November I will be blogging with WEGO Health to continue to spread awareness about POTS.

Day 8: How I Choose to Write About Others

I think all bloggers think about this question.  I try to write about situations honestly.  And if I don't feel like I can write about it honestly without worrying about how it will make someone feel then it doesn't get posted on the blog.  Sometimes things are better said in person.  Or a story is better texted to Allison until we can eat pizza and drink wine while talking about it in person.

And when you have to tell someone something and you can't post it on you blog, call your mom.  She hears all my stories 5 times even when Grant doesn't want to hear them :)

How do you choose to write about others?

Disclaimer: While I am sharing information I have researched, read about, and found to be helpful myself, I am not a doctor and all decisions regarding your own personal treatment should be discussed with your own doctors.  Remember, I am just a patient.

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