November 1, 2012


Today I got an email sharing some awesome health news about my Grandpa.  And while he was at his doctor's appointment he told his doctor about POTS and shared my blog with the doctor.

It was exactly the news I needed to hear considering it was a rough POTS day.

Today Gordon got his LSAT score.  He IMPROVED.  That was hardly even possible.

Today Grant tried to tell me that Christmas music is not allowed.

Grant: "No Christmas music, it's not even Thanksgiving."

Kingsley: "But there aren't any THANK YOU songs."

Tomorrow he's gonna get home from work and Mariah Carey will be singing Christmas carols in this apartment.

8 days until California...


  1. LOLOL Thank you songs. Nope, those don't really exist. Although I do think there is one from the 90s, maybe Jewel sings it? It's just her repeating "thank you thank you... thank you thank you.." over and over again. Play that a couple times and he'll probably beg for the Christmas tunes ;)

  2. Hilarious! Awesome about your brother! And will you be in CA for Thanksgiving? What a nice, long trip!


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