December 12, 2012

Our Love Story.

2 and a half years ago today, Grant and I sat in front of my house talking until 4:45 am.  After that conversation, the rest is history.  Here's our story.

Grant was the cute athletic guy in high school.  It felt like every girl in our grade had a crush on him.  We had a few classes together; but all the time I spent with him socially was because he spent our senior year dating my sister's best friend.  We both went off to college and each time he was home on break we seemed to drive past each other.  We'd text and say that we should grab coffee and catch up--but we never made it actually happened.

Memorial Day Weekend 2010, the family headed up to Lake Tahoe along with Allison, Heather, and Arjun.  It took Allison and I approximately 4 and a half hours instead of the usual 3.  But we had a 90's playlist that we rocked out to the entire way up.  Picture traffic dead stopped on 80 right around Davis and Allison and I with the windows down rocking out to Willa Ford.  Yep, it was one of my most favorite car rides.  After FINALLY making to to the cabin, we quickly grabbed drinks and started relaxing when I looked at my phone and had a text from Grant.  He said he had just graduated and was home from school and did I want to grab lunch so we could finally catch up.


About a week later we decided to grab sushi and as I was walking out the door, Caroline said I should date him.  Not really on my radar, we were just two friends catching up for lunch.  But after a five hour sushi date on June 10, 2010, I should have known she was right.

The next couple of days were a whirlwind.  The next day we sat together at Kayt and Gordon's high school graduation (we didn't even introduce our families...) and after family dinners we went out to Va Da Vi where we tasted too much wine.  We walked around Broadway Plaza for hours and after driving around for a few more hours, he took me back home.

Saturday the 12th we decided to go for another drive that night.  But the problem is that I have a REALLY small bladder.  So after driving around for a while, we ended up back at his house so I could use the bathroom.  I met his mom, she showed me photo albums, and Grant and I talked for hours.  When he finally took me home, we sat in the car in front of my house talking until 4:45 am.  I knew it was late when the front porch light went off and my phone rang.  It was Dad and as I looked up I could see him standing in the kitchen window.  Cue mortification.  He was reminding me that I had my Masters graduation the next day and that it was pretty late.  Grant and I wrapped things up and he finally kissed me.

The next morning my mom asked it we were engaged yet.  She was the first one that saw where this was headed.  Grant came to my graduation party and all my friends from high school had a lot of questions about what was going on...

He left the next morning for a month in Europe.  He surprised me and came home two weeks early because he missed me.  A month later he moved to Georgia for training at Fort Benning.

I spent the next year taking sick days on a few lots of Fridays and taking red eyes on Thursdays and Sundays to see him.  We got used to me sobbing my way through the Atlanta airport and lots of text messages and phone calls.

March 10, 2011 Grant showed up in ACUs in my classroom at the high school where we met with a little blue box asking me to marry him. You can read about that here.

If you've been reading this blog, you know the rest: move to TN, get married, do the Army thing.

And now we're starting the next chapter of our life getting ready for Grant to leave the Army and for us to move back to California.

I can't believe it's already been two and a half years since that conversation in the car where we starting making our life plans together.  Our love story really is my favorite.  Not that I'm biased or anything. All I know is that I'm definitely a very lucky lady.

Since the first year of our relationship was spent flying back and forth across the country, most of the people invited to our wedding had never spent time with both of us together.  I wanted our save the date to be a way for people to get to know us and it pretty much tells our whole story.  Allison and I spent hours creating the save the date; and it is still one of my favorite things from our wedding.

December 10, 2012

The Violet: Life as an Army Wife

You should check out the Winter issue of The Violet.

Page 78 has an article I wrote entitled "Life as an Army Wife."

PS. Did you read our MOVE-ing news??

December 9, 2012

some very MOVE-ing news!

We are finally able to share that WE ARE MOVING HOME!!!

The Army has decided that Grant is medically unfit and no longer able to serve.  And while we are filled with mixed emotions about Grant no longer being able to do what he has spent years working towards, we are very, VERY excited to be moving home to California.

Still waiting on ratings and then orders before we have an actual move date.  
But California sunshine is on the mind.

December 2, 2012

A Very GRIKI Thanksgiving!

The blog has been a little quiet lately.  We've been going a million miles a minute and I barely feel like I have time to sleep, let alone update the blog!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in California early this year over Veteran's Day Weekend.  It was a quick (much needed!!!) trip back to California.  We flew from Nashville to Los Angeles where we picked up Gordie and then flew up to Oakland.

Saturday both families came together and we celebrated Thanksgiving early.  It was a delicious Thanksgiving meal and other than the wrong date being on the calendar, it felt like a real Thanksgiving.

Mom tried to get a cute Christmas card photo....

Dad worked on his Romo-bombing skills...

That night we hit up the local watering holes to celebrate Gordon's 21st birthday a little late.

Sunday we saw the Skyfall with Grant's family and had dinner in downtown Orinda.

Monday we were back on an airplane flying through Vegas to get back to Nashville!

It was a quick weekend that left us (well, me) counting down the days until we are back for Christmas!

When the real Thanksgiving rolled around we were lucky enough to spend two days celebrating with Andy, Emme, Baby J and their family! We celebrated J's first birthday on Thursday and Thanksgiving on Friday! It was lots of fun and their family made us feel like we were family! So thankful to have them in our lives!

Radio City Christmas Spectacular and Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland!

It's now officially December which means that all things can be about Christmas! I'm only decorating a little bit (meaning one tree and a few red candles...) because in less than two weeks we will be back in California for the holidays!

But we are fully embracing Christmas while we're here!

Thursday night we saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular at the Grand Ole Opry.  We went just to see the Rockettes, but there was also a singing group that performed with Santa.  It was a little cheesy but we really enjoyed seeing the Rockettes.  And only in the South would a show end with a live nativity scene---complete with three live sheep and two live camels.  Here's a clip from youtube of the Rockettes doing one of the dances we saw!

Saturday night we went out to sushi with Andy, Emme and baby J before we headed over to Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland.  Basically they take a RV park and decorate it with Christmas lights that are synched to music.  As you enter the grounds, you tune your radio station to the one all the lights are synched to.  Here's a clip from youtube. To say that this exceeded my expectations is a complete understatement.  An absolute must see for anyone in the area!

And we got to drive past the MASSIVE nativity display in front of the Opryland Hotel.  So who doesn't love hundreds of people trying to get up close to a wooden baby Jesus?

Both of these events were awesome and had we known about them when we made our Fort Campbell Bucket List, they definitely would have been on there!

We topped off the weekend by going to church for the first Sunday of Advent!  Now it's grilled cheese and soup for lunch while we watch Elf.
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