December 19, 2013

Miss Marilyn is ONE Month Old!

Marley is One Month Old!

How old are you?
One month old

Do you have any nicknames?
Tiny Munchkin, Elf, Angry Elf

What makes you happy?
- Snuggles- I'm very cuddly!
- My bunny- He's the best!
- Holding my own bottle- When will Mommy and Daddy realize I'm a big girl?!

What makes you sad?
- Being hot- Got this trait from Daddy.
- Cold feet- Got this trait from Mommy.
- Stop lights and/or traffic- I have places to go and people to see!
- Wet diapers- Enough said.

What is your favorite animal?
Stuffed- My bunny
Real- My doggies Kato and Mango

What is your favorite thing to eat?
Formula. Preferably nice and warm- don't get lazy Mom and Dad.

What is your favorite thing to do?
Hang out on the sofa and stare at the lights on the Christmas tree! So sparkly.

What is your favorite song?
Big Bang Theory Theme by Barenaked Ladies

If I'm crying just because I'm a little fussy and Mommy and Daddy play the song, I immediately stop crying.  Sometimes I'll even put myself to sleep.

What is your favorite TV show?
The Big Bang Theory (see above- duh!)

What are you really good at?
Sleeping, snuggling, smiling, tummy time.

What is your favorite movie?
Any Christmas Movie. There's not a lot of variety in this house right now.

What is your favorite color?
Pink, then Teal--probably with polka dots.

Who is your best friend?
My doggie Mango. She gives the best kisses.

What do you and mom do together?
Snuggle, play with my stuffed animals, go for walks and other adventures.

What do you and dad do together?
Make silly faces, have deep conversations, fly like superwoman on Daddy's shoulder.

What is your favorite sport?
Soccer. Daddy and I watch it every weekend together.

Where is your favorite place to go?
Grandma and Grandpa's house

What is your favorite book?
'Twas the Night Before Christmas

What do you think about before you fall asleep?
I like to multitask and make sure all my ducks are in a row before bed. Must be the type-A personality I got from Mommy and Daddy.  I always sway my head side to side and start to breath a little faster like I'm checking things off the to-do list.  Once I've got all the important stuff taken care of I get nice and calm so I can drift off to sleep.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'm not sure yet, I have the whole world at my finger tips! And my fingers are pretty long so I can reach a lot...

Wow. Where did the last month go?! I feel like it was just yesterday that Grant and I were walking and walking and walking trying to get Marley to start moving out!  She's absolutely the best!  We love the snuggles and smiles.  She's sleeping like a champ.  Usually she sleeps 8 to 8 and a half hours, then wakes up to eat 5 oz, then falls back asleep for another couple of hours.  Once or twice a week we'll get a 4 or 5 hour stretch and then she'll wake up to eat.  We are feeling very, very blessed and keep praying that this trend continues.  She came out of womb holding her head up and she LOVES to look around and see what's all around her.  She's so observant and already soaking up everything.  Trips to Grandma and Grandpa's house are her favorite---minus a few wailing episodes in the car.  She loves spending time with Kato and Mango.  Marley doesn't even flinch when they bark--must be from hearing them in the womb.  She loves kisses from Mango and smiles each time Mango lands one on her baby chub (or the lips...).  Marley is so expressive.  We get lots of smiles and every so often she becomes quite the Angry Elf.  She's got a flair for the dramatic with the hand flips and has been known to try and topple her body to the side while you're burping her to get you to feed her faster.  She has the determination and desire to hold her own bottle but we're still working on the arm strength.  We couldn't have asked for a better start to our life with this sweet little girl.  Can't wait to see what the next month holds for us!

December 9, 2013

The Name: Marilyn Elizebeth

Keeping the pregnancy a secret for the first 12 weeks was difficult; 
but, keeping the name a secret was something both Grant and I knew we wanted to do....
no matter how many bribes our family members offered! 

We had her name picked out before we even knew we were pregnant.  

The list of names we considered was short and we quickly knew that 

Marilyn 'Marley' Elizebeth 

would be her name.

Marilyn was my grandma's name.  
Grant and I both loved her lots and 
the whole family was incredibly sad when she passed away in June of 2012.

Some of the people in my grandma's life called her Marley.
We love the nickname.

Elizebeth is my middle name.
Elizebeth was my mom's middle name.
Elizabeth was my mother in law's middle name.
Elizebeth is my grandma's name.
Elizebeth was my grandma's grandma's name.
So we knew we could honor lots of the special women in our lives this way.

Now that she's here and the name is not a secret...
all the name things can come out of hiding!

December 8, 2013

Newborn Photos!

Our little baby girl is already so much bigger than when we brought her home from the hospital so we knew we wanted to capture some of her first week in the world! We worked with Melissa Bartlett Photography again and she was amazing! She did such a wonderful job capturing Marley and her personality!

Quilt from Cotton & Clover

baby griki: weekly updates

What a journey it's been from our pregnancy announcement to the arrival of baby GRIKI...

She's here!

Marilyn Elizebeth Frazier 
arrived Tuesday November 19, 2013 at 5:33 pm 
weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces measuring 19 inches long.

Our little muchkin was due to arrive Friday November 15th.  The entire pregnancy I felt like she was going to come early--probably because I arrived 3 weeks early.  But she took her sweet time and at my last doctor's appointment on the 13th, we decided to schedule an induction for the night of 18th. 

I woke up Sunday the 17th with irregular contractions and even with walks all day, the contractions never stuck around consistently.  Monday Grant was able to work from home since the contractions were still showing up every so often.  We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital for the induction at 8:00pm but by 3:30 the contractions were getting more and more consistent and by 4:30pm we were checked in and settled into our labor and delivery room at John Muir.

I was feeling the contractions and overwhelmed with all the unknowns about how POTS would impact my labor and delivery experience.  The nurses and doctor on call reviewed my file and birth plan again, and even called my cardiologist to make sure everyone was on the same page.  IV fluids were started immediately to make sure that I was well hydrated to help manage the POTS proactively.  The anesthesiologist came in to discuss my POTS since everyone on my medical team was in agreement that an epidural was going to be the best way to manage my POTS.  She left to go check the CBC they did when they admitted me and the nurse returned to let us know that my platelet levels were really low---low enough that some anesthesiologists won't give an epidural.  Thankfully, my anesthesiologist was willing to run another blood test to see how the platelets I did have were functioning. The results of that test would be the determining factor.  After a very stressful hour of waiting for results (we didn't have a plan B!), the nurse and anesthesiologist came back and said the results were good and we could go ahead with the epidural.  The epidural went in and I started feeling much more comfortable.  Grant and I decided to go ahead and try and get some sleep.  At midnight the doctor on call came to check and I was still at 3 we started a slow dose of pitocin.  Grant was able to sleep a little bit, I was up all night listening to playlists from when I used to fly back and forth to Georgia on the red-eyes...

The nurse checked me again the morning of the 19th and I was at 3.5 cm.  The new doctor on call came in and thankfully decided to break my water and up my dose of pitocin even more.  She was hopeful that by noon I would be at 5 cm.  We were anxious all morning, praying that my body would make progress so we could avoid a c-section.  My cardiologist stopped by to check in and was pleased with how my body was responding to everything so far.  Around 11:30 am I started to have pain on the right side of my lower abdomen and it felt like my epidural wasn't working in one specific spot.  The anesthesiologist came back and gave me a booster shot to increase my dosage slightly.  It helped a little bit, but shortly there after, the pain was back.  The nurse decided to check again and I was finally fully dilated!  We spent the next three hours waiting for baby to naturally drop on her own so that I could try and get some rest because by this point, I could barely keep my eyes open.  At 3:30 pm I finally started pushing.  Two hours later, Marilyn Elizebeth arrived at 5:33 pm! 25 hours after we arrived in labor at the hospital...about 55 hours after contractions started Sunday morning.

The biggest surprise of all was that I had absolutely no POTS issues the entire time.  The major concerns were with my heart rate during the initial implementation of the epidural and the pushing--but throughout both my heart rate and blood pressure stayed completely stable.  While my body was completely exhausted, and the recovery was brutal, the actual labor and delivery were pain free and we are so relieved that Marley is finally here and healthy!

November 18, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 39, 40, and 41

Weeks 39, 40, and 41

Week 39
After not working full time for two years in Clarksville, I have really LOVED being back in the classroom this fall.  It was tough sitting around the house this week, even though my body desperately needed it and the doctors were right about puling me off work.  Between family dinners at my parent's house and my mother-in-law bringing dinner multiple nights, Grant and I have been spoiled.  I spent the week trying to bribe baby out with Christmas movies from the Hallmark Holiday channel.  But apparently she's more content to watch the movies from a warm and comfy womb.  I keep promising lots of snuggles and warm blankets out in the real world, but so far, she's not interested.  But the end of the week I was already going a little stir crazy.  Tired of swollen feet and very, very ready for baby to be here!

Week 40
Week 40 was filled with lots of walking.  Grant and I spent hours walking the mall Saturday and Sunday we walked around the neighborhood.  But still nothing... It was another long week of not working and generally being uncomfortable.  I tried to take advantage of the downtime and spent all week taking morning naps.  Mom and I walked every store in the county and took another trip to Reflexology for foot massages.  Friday Grant and I got to have a sushi date with Lauren and Rory.  I continue to be so surprised that baby isn't here yet!

Week 41
This weekend was a very, VERY long one.  Lots of irregular to slightly more regular contractions.  Lots of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement! But baby yet! So what else was there to do but decorate for Christmas.  Grant is firmly anti-Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.  But, he's not carrying around a full grown baby inside his stomach--so his vote was irrelevant this weekend and he helped like a champ! Scheduled to be induced tonight at 8pm--fingers crossed we have a baby in our arms VERY SOON.

Stay tuned...

November 4, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 37 and 38


Weeks 37 and 38

Week 37

This was the first week where I really felt P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T.  I got home from work on Friday and was all achy and exhausted and ready for baby to be here.  We spent the weekend tackling all the last little chores we had: new tires for Grant's car, organizing the house, stocking up on Kingsley safe foods.  We celebrated my birthday Sunday night with Grant's parents and I promptly decided I would be wearing leggings all week long in order to make it to work.  There were a lot of tank tops and sweatshirts worn, but I did make it through the entire week! No IEPs this week; but the students still kept us plenty busy.  It was one of those weeks that reminds me that I control 2% of my day, and the other 98% of my day is completely determined by what my students bring into my classroom.  Thursday Allison and I crossed the last thing off my to do list by getting mani-pedis after work.  Grant and I thought Thursday night might be the night after four hours of consistent contractions...but then the suddenly stopped.  So now we're still waiting for baby...

Week 38

By the time Friday was over, my body was pretty much done being pregnant.  I told Grant we were walking this weekend.  We went for walks Saturday and Sunday and I got an hour long foot massage on Saturday with the hopes that somethingggggg might help baby start moving towards her arrival.  And while we got lots of kicks and movement like usual...still no baby.  Monday was a Special Ed staff development day.  I fully appreciate the fact that the rest of my department sported a more casual look since we were off site collaborating for the day and I was no longer the only one in sweats.  I crawled in bed as soon as I got home Monday feeling more crummy than usual and was up all night with an upper respiratory bug.  I made it to work Tuesday for an IEP meeting, but was out sick the rest of the day.  I saw both the allergist and the OBGYN that day and we decided it was time for me to stop working.  POTS, combined with the allergies/asthma potential during sick season at school, on top of being pregnant creates a very unpredictable situation.  So in order to keep me as healthy as possible for labor and delivery, I need to stop working.  Wednesday I took the morning off and made it in for the afternoon classes and my afternoon IEP.  Thursday I made it to my morning IEP---the last one before maternity leave (#21!!!) and stayed for all the morning classes.  I enjoyed a nice prenatal massage that afternoon and Friday was my last day of work.  Work has been unbelievably supportive but I'm still a little disappointed to be going out two weeks earlier than planned.  I love my job but am also so excited to have baby, I think I'm still scarred from that whole West Creek thing.  Thankfully, this time work is so supportive with whatever is best for baby and my body and I work with the best people who will do great things with the students while I'm gone.  Now I just have to get myself out of work mode and enjoy the rest.  To celebrate working all the way up to 38 weeks, Grant and I went out to sushi to celebrate!

Now to enjoy a little time to myself before baby arrives!

October 19, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 35 and 36!

Weeks 35 and 36

Week 35
Nesting mode officially kicked in.  We finished the nursery, had our hospital tour, and took our maternity photos.  Didn't learn too many exciting things on the hospital tour except for the fact that Alice Waters is the chef at the hospital and that every mom leaves with a Vera Bradley tote bag.  Only the essentials were covered. :)  Other than that nothing too exciting around here this week.  Just lots of meetings at school trying to make sure everything is taken care of for when I go out!

Week 36 
(Grant got a lot more ceiling in that photo than usual...clearly we take these photos VERY early in the morning before work...)  Week 36 was a big one.  We kicked off the week by celebrating by 26th birthday with lots of White Collar, lunch with my family, another baby shower, and Sunday night dinner! After a whirlwind weekend I was thankful for a Monday holiday.  I seriously don't think I've ever been more excited to have a three day weekend in my whole life.  Grant and I had another ultrasound to check on baby just to make sure there aren't any POTS issues.  All is well with baby.  As of Monday she was 6 lbs, 2 oz and she has hair!  After the appointment we went to Target to exchange a few things and for the first time I saw someone being tackled for shoplifting in Target.  They don't mess around there.  After a quick stop at Carters we headed off to Buy, Buy, Baby to get a few more things for baby GRIKI, and then installed the car seat bases.  She is definitely all set.  This week felt like a marathon through work.  I wanted to get all the loose ends tied up and taken care of.  And I had to get my flu shot (preservative free!) and my whooping cough shot.  So Thursday I treated myself to a facial after work.  I still can't believe that I'm now 9 months pregnant....I feel like just yesterday we were sharing the news with all of you!

October 15, 2013

baby griki: Maternity Photos

I can't believe I'm already in my 36th week of being pregnant.  

The nursery is ready. All the loose ends at work are almost tied up. 
And all the clothes are washed and put away.  

This pregnancy has flown by...some days faster than others...
so we knew we wanted to document the baby bump (massive balloon) 
while we had the chance.

I'm so glad we decided on Melissa Bartlett Photography.  
She's amazing and I can't wait for her to take baby GRIKI's newborn photos!

October 7, 2013

baby griki: nursery reveal!!

As soon as we knew we were pregnant, I knew the nursery would be pink, teal and grey with white furniture if we were having a girl.  Excuse the crummy lighting...I was too excited that we finished the nursery to get down the good camera...

When you walk into the room and look to the right, this is what you see...

Then there is a bigggggg wall of a closet where Grant gets to keep his clothes 
and we store everything else we own...

We got a grey slipcover to go over the white and navy striped sofa we already had.

The pink polka dot chair and ottoman were the first things we purchased for the nursery.
Thanks Home Goods!

The lanterns are left over from the baby shower Mom and Caroline threw.

Baby's name will go under the Sweet Dreams sign...
but not until she gets here!

I found sheets to match the chair and ottoman at Target.

And Baby has her own closet.

One of my most favorite purchases for the nursery is the teal cart
we got to store all the diapers and supplies.
After seeing it drooling over it for months, I caved and found a purpose for it in the nursery.

Hope Baby GRIKI likes pink and teal as much as I do.

October 6, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 33 and 34!

Weeks 33 and 34

Week 33

Week 33 started off with our last baby class...Labor and Delivery.  It was the class we were both dreading the most.  An all day class, with a bunch of strangers, birth videos, and we had to bring two pillows...thankfully, we didn't have to actually use the pillows, and the videos were nice and retro.  We're still trying to figure out who would actually agree to have their birth be filmed.  I don't need any video footage of being in labor thank you very much. But we survived and don't have any other classes to attend.  I started to feel REALLY pregnant this week.  Starting Monday my students said things like "Wow Mrs. Frazier, you look REALLY pregnant."  As opposed to before when I was only a little bit pregnant?  But I'm definitely feeling working full time and going to doctor's appointments constantly all while being in the third trimester.

Week 34

We kicked off week 34 with a lots of errands.  Sunday was my baby shower thrown by Caroline and mom.  It was so fun.  Lots of girly things with pink and polka dots to match the nursery.  (Posts on the shower and nursery soon!) Baby GRIKI has definitely dropped lower which lets me breath a little easier but means I have to pee even more than before!!  She's still moving around a ton and making my whole stomach look lop-sided depending on which way she's laying.  She loves moving around thanks to ice water and all things sweet.  This week was the busiest week at work so far.  FIVE IEP meetings, some lovely BTSA activities, my formal observation and my co-workers threw me a baby shower! I am definitely spoiled.

Jessica made baby this cute elephant with a purple flower headband!

I'm so glad to have made it through this past week.  The nursery is almost finished and baby will be here so soon!

September 22, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 31 and 32!

Weeks 31 and 32
Week 31

Week 31 was a busy one.  We spent the weekend celebrating Grant's birthday with his parents, Scott and Lindsay and my family.  We were able to relax lots and sleep in.  Gordon came home for a brief visit (mostly to watch Breaking Bad...) so we were all able to hang out at family dinner.  It was the first five day week of work with all the kiddos in attendance and my body was feeling it.  Everyone's a little more settled into the routine and I crossed another IEP off the to-do list.  We all survived Back to School Night and managed to stay awake all day Friday.  I spent the week drinking electrolyte water and gatorade.  And I did start wearing the compression stockings which seem to be helping the blood pressure a little bit.  We finally heard back from the POTS specialist's office.  Waiting to see if we can do a phone consult or if we have to go in person.  Baby is doing great...moving lots.  I'm feeling feet or hands shoved up around the ribs and get little hard spots over my stomach where a little baby is living.

Week 32

This week kicked off with our Infant Safety and CPR class.  We were by far the youngest couple there....but we're discovering that's a trend at these classes.  Grant spent Saturday night at the Earthquakes game with Dad and Gordon while I rested lots.  The week flew by pretty quickly.  Another check in with the allergist...things look great as far as allergies go!  Tuesday night we had our Newborn Care class.  It was all about swaddling, umbilical cord care, and lots of baby products.  And Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call that Stanford Cardiovascular had an appointment time for me on Thursday morning.  You don't turn down an appointment with a POTS specialist at Stanford so I put in for a sub...whipped out the sub binder...and called Grant to ask him to work from home on Thursday.  Thankfully he was able to and we headed down to Stanford bright and early.  Our day consisted of a two hour drive to the hospital (thank you morning commute traffic), a one hour appointment with the doctor that ran an hour and a half late, and a two hour drive was a very long day!  But we received lots of great information. You can read all about our doctor's appointment here.  All in was a very exhausting week...

32 weeks down...8 to go!

Pregnancy, POTS and our trip to Stanford Cardiovascular to meet Dr. Friday!

After having a really high heart rate and very low blood pressure since hitting the third trimester, my cardiologist decided it was time for us to take a visit to a POTS specialist.  He was able to reach Dr. Karen Friday at Stanford who I've heard lots about through different POTS people online and she squeezed us in this Thursday even though her next opening isn't until December.

Dr. Friday was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain all of my symptoms.  Basically all of my issues come back to the basis of POTS.  People with POTS almost always have low blood volume.  People with POTS also have issues with the blood vessels constricting when they stand to.  Those constricting blood vessels keep the blood pumping throughout the entire body.  In order to counteract this, my heart rate speeds up (to keep the blood pumping everywhere) and in turn keeps my blood pressure stabilized.  On the beta blocker, the heart rate doesn't get too high and therefore my blood pressure doesn't drop.  Which is why most of the time, I have very limited POTS issues.  Stress and exhaustion are my two biggest triggers to throw off this balance.

But now we add in the pregnancy factor.  This doctor explained that although blood volume does increase when you're pregnant, since my blood volume is already low, the extra blood volume just goes straight to the baby.  But the additional blood volume also makes it harder for my blood vessels to constrict.  Then you add in the pressure from baby and my uterus on the blood vessels in my abdomen and it creates a recipe for lots of problems because it's harder for the blood to get up to the upper region of my body when standing.  Hence the increased tachycardia and lower blood pressure I've been having.

The good news is she says there is absolutely no reason to worry about baby.  She says everything the baby needs is going straight to baby...and I get the leftovers which results in my symptoms.  So we talked about where we go from here.  She says keep the fluids, salt, and compression stockings up.  At order to stay off of bed rest...I need to be sitting as much as possible.  She wants me to try and do supine position activities (i.e. swimming).  She said if drinking the fluids doesn't work or my symptoms are starting to get more severe then I should receive saline fluids via IV.  We talked about labor and delivery and she agrees that avoiding a C-section is the goal and she suggested that I stay on IV fluids the entire time we are in the hospital up until discharge.  We were also excited to hear that she sees absolutely no reason why I should need to be induced early.  She's also agrees with my cardiologist that I should keep using compression stockings and keeping my salt intake up.  She did provide us with a lot of prescription options that we could try if I wasn't pregnant or if my issues get much more severe; but we're holding off on that for now.

Overall it was a very long day; but we left feeling like we got great reassurance and information from someone who specializes in the study and treatment of POTS.  Plus, Dr. Friday was really nice and funny...and that combination is almost never present with these specialists...

September 8, 2013

baby griki update: week 30!

Week 30

Week 30 flew by thanks for school being back in session.  I'm hearing a lot of..."You're huge" and "Are you sure there aren't two in there..." lately.  Nope, only one thanks. Friday night Grant and I went to the Campolindo football game to check my annual teacher supervision off the list of things to do before baby arrives.  We spent Saturday in Napa wine tasting/watching with my family.

 And then I promptly spent the rest of the weekend in bed trying to keep the blood pressure up and the heart rate low!  I made it through the entire second season of Scandal thanks to having Monday off for Labor Day.

The work week flew by and I knocked my first two IEP meetings out of the way.  Two least twenty-six to go before June...hopefully about 15 of those will be before November 1st! We had another baby class this week.  "Surviving the First Weeks"  We weren't totally sure what the class would be about...but the lady mostly talked about sleeping and maintaining your marriage when you're completely sleep deprived.  Health wise I did ok.  Stuck with lots of water, gatorade, and salty snacks.  We saw the cardiologist again and he wants me to see a specialist at Stanford so hopefully that can get rolling soon!  The goal is to keep working and stay off bedrest to help the time pass until November...

30 weeks down. Ten more to go.

September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Grant!

Summer 2010

Happy Birthday Grant!

Can't believe this is your FOURTH birthday we're celebrating together...

2010 was my first weekend in Georgia...
2013 is a birthday in CA with a baby on the way!

Love you so much!

September 2, 2013

baby griki update: week 29!

Week 29

The summer is officially over and school is back in full swing.  After a few more days of meetings, the students reported back Wednesday.  It's so nice to finally be back in the classroom.  It'll be a mad dash between no and November with paperwork; I want everything settled before I go out, but the kids are settling in well and we should be in a nice routine by the end of week 30!

If you're friends with me on facebook, you heard what happened the first day of school:
Today I pulled into my staff parking spot and was finishing up a phone call. A student knocked on my door and she said, "Hi, I just want to let you know you're parked in a staff parking spot." #embracingit #7monthspregnant #definitelynotastudent

Ever since we hit the third trimester, my POTS has been acting up more and my body is having a harder time handling being pregnant.  The heart rate continues to be high and my blood pressure continues to be low.  So it's lots of salt, gatorade, and electrolyte water...and of course, as much rest as possible.  I'm now seeing my cardiologist every two weeks to monitor the situation...but the countdown is definitely on for November 15th!

August 24, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 26, 27, and 28!

Weeks 26, 27, and 28

Week 26
Allison and I started week 26 off by spending the day camped out by the pool while Grant studied for his LEED exam.  I got the rest of my stuff put away in my classroom and got to spend the rest of the week running errands and relaxing.  Baby is now moving around a ton.  She's kicking and rolling all the time and sometimes I feel like if my feet weren't firmly planted I might actually move!

Week 27
We kicked off the week with my glucose test on Friday and a trip to labor and delivery on Saturday.  Thankfully I passed the glucose test and don't have to worry about gestational diabetes.  But after not feeling well for a whole day, my ob sent me to labor and delivery to see what was going on.  After monitoring me for five hours and running some tests, they decided I just had an infection that a quick round of antibiotics over the next week would fix.  Grant and I decided that more than anything baby is probably just as type A as we are and really she just wanted a preview of what is to come in November.  Although the trip was stressful, it was actually probably a good thing because we were able to spend thirty minutes with a nurse while she entered all of my allergies and medical history into their computer system.  I would much rather do this now than in the middle of contractions in November.  The rest of the week was pretty quiet...just finishing up projects before the start of work! Although I did start to have some tachycardia issues towards the end of the cardiologist says this is to be expected until baby arrives.  And the week ended with New Teacher Orientation.  So so excited to be back teaching at our high school. 

Week 28
We finally made it to the third trimester!!! Can't believe our baby girl will be here in less than three months.  Week 28 was filled with more tachycardia and POTS related issues; but it was also officially the first week of work!  The first three days were Summer Institute followed by a day of Whole District Staff Development and one day of Campus Staff Development.  Grant passed his LEED exam with flying colors! We also had our first baby class...Pain Management for Labor and Delivery.  It was a good class but I could have done without the pictures and diagrams... I continued to struggle with tachycardia issues and feeling crummy in general.  I attribute a large portion of this to just getting back in the swing of things with work, but after feeling winded during even the shortest conversations when I'm sitting down, we called the cardiologist.  It looks like I'm now dealing with two issues..increased tachycardia and low blood pressure (hypotension).  The best possible treatment would be way more fluids and increasing my salt intake...fingers crossed it works!  But the best news of the week is that Gordon was accepted into Stanford Law School and will be staying in California!!! We are SO excited!

August 12, 2013

Home Tour....finally!

It's hard for us to believe that we've been back living in California for over FIVE months now.  Time has certainly flown by and we are racing towards a new school year, fall, the holidays, and the arrival of our baby girl.  Absolutely my most favorite time of the year.  But since a long, long, longggg time ago I said I would post pictures of our apartment for our friends in TN...I decided I should actually get this post together before I start teaching.  So here it goes...

Downstairs we have the half bathroom, kitchen, family room and dining room.

Half Bathroom


Family Room

Dining Room

Upstairs we have the guest room (now NURSERY!), full bath, and master bedroom.

Guest Room (nursery pictures coming soon!)
You can tell from the photos that by the time I actually took photos 
we had already started acquiring pieces for the nursery!


Master Bedroom

Both the upstairs and downstairs have balconies because we actually have a one bedroom apartment below us.  We are blessed to have a ton of storage and all we have to do to access the laundry room is walk right out our front door.  We really love our apartment and it definitely feels like home now!
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