January 29, 2013

Chattanooga Fun!

With only a few items left on our Fort Campbell Bucket List, Grant and I decided to head down to Chattanooga this past weekend to cross a couple more off our list. 

The drive was quick and beautiful.  We made a quick stop in Nashville so I could help with slating at Theta and then we were on our way.  It wasn't long before we made another detour when we saw the signs for the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.

After that we drove straight to Chattanooga and absolutely fell in love with the city.  It has this really coll vibe--a ton of history combined with a feeling of revitalization.  A little Berkeley mixed with the traditional Southern feeling.  At first glance, Chattanooga is a thousand times better than Clarksville.  We wish we would have discovered Chattanooga sooner because we definitely would have taken more trips there.  We had lunch at Urban Stack. I found Urban Stack on Yelp and the reviews did not disappoint.

Once we had filled our bellies, we headed over to Lookout Mountain to see Ruby Falls.  And while the Smoky Mountains were the mountains on our bucket list, we were so impressed with Lookout Mountain and all the mountains we could see from Lookout Mountain, that we would count this as our mountain viewing in TN. 

Ruby Falls is a huge natural indoor waterfall.  You walk half a mile through the caverns to reach the water.  Thankfully there were benches along the way for my POTS and Grant's foot.  A little claustrophobic for me, but it didn't seem to phase Grant at all.  The guy that discovered the falls crawled for SEVEN hours before he was first able to stand up.

We were completely exhausted after our tour to Ruby Falls so we hopped in the car and drove up the mountain more.  We stumbled upon the town Fairyland, GA.  The houses were beautiful and the street names were things like Red Riding Hood Way and Peter Pan Circle.  We decided that if we were ever forced to live in Georgia, Fairyland could be on the short list of towns we would consider.

After our brief drive through Fairyland we checked in at the hotel, dropped our bag off and sat down for approximately 5 minutes before running back out the door to dinner.  We went to Sekisui (another Yelp find!) for sushi and it was delicious!

When looking for things to do in Chattanooga, I found a town website that had info about the show Avenue Q.  They had a show Saturday night so we decided to check it out.  We put the address in our GPS and ended up at a semi-deserted mall--for all those at home think Monument Theater Mall.  After circling the building THREE times, we finally found the entrance to this place.  The inside has been redone and it turns out the show was sold-out.  We go in to get seats and find out that there are only two seats left---perfect! Except not because they weren't together.  So we take out seats along in this tiny, tiny room.  Think 15 feet x 15 feet with seats on two sides forming an L shape, and the opposite L sides being the stage.  There were probably 50 tickets sold and everyone knew each other.  It's probably the same as going to see a show at the Lafayette Community Center.  The show was funny, crude and vulgar, but funny.  But the first Act was an hour and 45 minutes long, so we snuck out at intermission. 

We decided to grab some dessert and found The Ice Cream Show on Yelp.  They had a dairy free option and it was located right by the Aquarium.  While it was super yummy at the time, something it is was not Kingsley friendly.  By the time we got back to the hotel room, I had a massive rash all over my chest and felt terrible.  I popped a bunch of zyrtec and was finally able to fall asleep.

We woke up Sunday exhausted but ready to start our day.  A quick breakfast downstairs and then we were off to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel to look around before we headed off to the Aquarium.

The TN Aquarium was the second item on our bucket list.  It is set up in two different buildings: Ocean Journey and River Journey.  We were partial to the Ocean Journey.

The shark tank that inspired the movie Jaws is currently on loan to the TN Aquarium.

We started our drive home, but decided to take another detour when we saw a sign for Sewanee: The University of the South.  Sewanee is the only Episcopal university in the nation and has a magical feel driving through the campus.  I remember looking up the school when I was looking at different colleges and so we decided to make another detour.  I'm trying to convince Grant to drive back one Sunday before we leave so we can attend a church service!

After a quick lunch in Franklin at Puckett's, we were back in Nashville so I could do some more stuff at Theta.  By the time we arrived home in Clarksville, we were completely exhausted and I was still feeling crummy from my reaction.  A little french toast for dinner and we both passed out.

This weekend was exactly what we needed to distract us from the waiting game were are currently stuck in.  We feel back in love with how beautiful TN is, and decided that we would have liked this experience much more if we had lived somewhere between the south of Nashville and Chattanooga.

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