January 22, 2013

Fort Campbell Bucket List: #20

Yesterday we crossed #20 off our Fort Campbell Bucket List when we went to the Nashville Predators game!  They were playing the St. Louis Blues and we got our tickets through a military discount offered by the Predators (thank you Predators!).  Our seats were lower level right behind one of the goals. 

We had a really great time; but it was a different experience.  When all the antics started before the game I told Grant I felt like I was at a Monster Truck Rally.  People get VERY into the chants.  And every time the Predators score, the fans chant a YOU SUCK chant.  Super classy.

For being such a fast paced game, it actually feels slow because there is so much time spent waiting.  I don't think we'll be hockey regulars; but it would definitely be fun to check out a Sharks game once we're home!

We snuck out after the second period to go have sushi before the drive home!

Only a few more items left on our Fort Campbell Bucket List.  This weekend we're off to Chattanooga to cross the TN Aquarium off the list!

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