January 17, 2013

Ice Storm Hits Clarksville

Tuesday night we experienced our very first ice storm.  We knew a storm was coming; but we didn't realize people were ACTUALLY worried about it until all the schools, day cares, etc were released early, and all the city and county offices closed early.  Soldiers were even released at 5:00pm because of the storm--and they NEVER get released early for weather.

I still wasn't thinking too much about it until I went to drop off the rental car we had (Nissan was attempting to fix the Xterra for the bagillionth time).  The lady who drove me to my car asked if we were prepared for the storm.  I said I thought we were.  She then told me that an ice storm is when it rains but it's so cold that whatever it hits freezes (tree branches, electrical lines, the ground, etc).  It will be so cold outside that the electrical lines and tree branches will snap.  She said that 15 years ago, a bad ice storm hit Clarksville and some people were without power for THREE weeks.

So what did I do...I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought four boxes of cereal and two things of milk.

And guess what.  We didn't even lose power.  But now we have a ton of delicious cereal.


  1. I was shocked at how everyone got their panties in a twist over this "severe weather." They cancelled preschool for Pete's sake! My day was officially ruined. No pretty ice to look at either. Blerg.

  2. the ice storm was a bust but we missed the whole memo about it anyway so I didn't realize it was a big deal until after it was over haha


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