February 12, 2013

Life Changing Moments

I've been antsy and unsettled for awhile now.  We've been waiting MONTHS for decisions to be made about Grant's Army career, and while we know he's being medically discharged (read here), our timeline and the details are still being determined.

Lives are determined by key moments.  They're called 'life changing moments' for a reason.  When I think about my relationship with Grant, there have been a lot of those moments.

The five hour sushi date, the third date conversation in the car about our life plans, a quick I love you, all the conversations in July, a move to GA, trip after trip after trip to GA, a move to TN with me conversation, the proposal at Campolindo, the move to TN, the POTS diagnosis, the foot injury, the wedding, the unfit decision.

With every one of these moments there has been unbearable amounts of anticipation.  The keeps us up at night; we could crawl out of our skin; we could even punch someone in the face (in theory of course...)- type of anticipation.  It's brutal, and we know it's short lived.  But in the moment, it feels like it's lasting forever.

I know answers are coming soon.  I know California is coming soon.  But the anticipation and the waiting of WHEN is awful.

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