March 27, 2013

Dependable Auto Shippers Review

From yelp:

If I could give zero stars, I would.  There is nothing dependable about Dependable Auto Shippers.  My husband was being medically discharged from the Army.  So I scheduled DAS to ship our cars from Nashville, TN to Lafayette, CA.  Brian took my order and told me that because our drop off date was going to be March 2nd, our arrival date would be March 18th.  I told him we would be out of town the 16th and 17th and was worried we would have to pay extra if we weren’t here and our cars arrived early.  He told me that our cars would probably be there the 15th and at the absolute latest they would arrive the 18th so not to worry.  They even offer 5 free days of storage so we would be covered even if they did arrive the 16th or 17th.  Well as of the 13th, our cars hadn’t even left Nashville.  I called and spoke with someone on the 13th and they told me that the 18th was estimation and not a guarantee.  I explained what we had been told and she told me someone would call me back after they talked with dispatch.  No one ever did.  I called and spoke with someone on the 14th, they told me to once again ‘be patient’ and that they would contact dispatch and get back to me.  No one ever did.  I called and spoke with someone on the 15th who said all the same things and forwarded me to her manager’s voicemail.  Neither called me back.  On the 18th (the day our cars were supposed to arrive!!), I called and spoke with a nice woman named Ladona Marshall in customer service.  I explained that at this point it felt like a scam and that we were going to call the Nashville Police and ask what our next steps should be.  DAS collects payment in full three days before you drop your cars off so they really have no incentive to actually deliver the cars.  She said she would talk to her manager and call me back.  Ladona did call back (I guess mentioning getting the police involved is the only way to get DAS to take you seriously) and said that dispatch would have our cars leaving on Tuesday the 19th arriving Saturday the 23rd.  She called back on Tuesday to tell me that the cars were not going to leave that day, but instead would leave Wednesday.  She said the delivery date remained the same.  She also said that I should call back after our cars were delivered because she was working with her manager to see if they could provide some sort of compensation because we were verbally promised our cars by the 18th. I called Saturday morning at Ladona told me that our cars were still on schedule to arrive today and provided me with the number for PM Express in Livermore, CA where they were going to be delivered.  I called PM Express and the guy told me that he could see that our cars were in Nevada.  For some reason Ladona either couldn’t see this information or didn’t share this information with me.  He said our cars wouldn’t be arriving until the afternoon or early evening so we would have to wait until Monday to get them.  Monday morning I woke up to a voicemail from the guy at PM Express saying that the cars had arrived and that they would be delivered between 9 and 1.  At 10:35, I received a call from the PM Express employee with our vehicles saying he would be there in 25 minutes.  25 minutes later the phone rang and we walked outside.  The PM Express employee had already unloaded our cars and was ready to hand us the keys.  PM Express was the only positive point of this experience.  Their customer service was exceptional. I’ve tried calling Ladona multiple times since our cars have been delivered to follow up on compensation like she said and she has always ‘been away from her desk’ according to the other customer service employees.  She has not returned any phone calls.  Additionally, all messages left for her manager, Karen Johnson, have also gone unanswered.  DAS sent me to links to customer surveys (one for each car) and the links are broken. Pretty fitting. All in all, it would have been less stressful to push our cars from TN to CA.  If DAS wants to stay in business, they need to hire more dispatchers, and hire a completely new customer service department that actually has answers.

Update: Karen Johnson did finally email me.  They are giving us a $100 refund.

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