March 22, 2013

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Review

Here's my yelp review....

If I could give zero stars, I would. Dale Sisson was assigned as our case manager for our military move from TN to CA. Our driver was Dwayne and he arrived with his two helpers early the morning of our load on Friday March 1st.  45 minutes into being there, one of the helpers pulled me aside and said, “If your husband is going to tip us, he should just give me the tip because I’m the one doing all the work.”  I was appalled to say the least.  Dwayne tended to disappear a lot to “make phone calls” which was actually code for smoking in his cab.  The second helper spent most of the day hiding out in the truck “organizing things” and only came in the house to carry light things.  Overall the load was fine minus the fact that they put a massive scratch in our bookshelf because they were careless and in a rush to SHOVE our sleeper sofa out the door.  Dwayne said he would arrive in CA on March 13th.  My husband called Dwayne on Saturday the 9th to check in and Dwayne said that he would arrive late on the 13th.  Tuesday the 12th, Dale called to tell us that Dwayne would actually arrive on the 14th.  Dwayne called the night of the 12th to tell us that he would actually be arriving the morning of the 13th.  Needless to say we had to change our plans a lot.  The morning of the 13th Dwayne called 15 minutes before he was scheduled to arrive to say that he was stuck in the scales somewhere and that he would be there in 3 hours.  That math doesn’t even make sense.  He then called to say he would be there an hour early.  So we arrived and waited.  Dwayne finally arrived 15 minutes late (apparently he got a speeding ticket…) and told us that he could not deliver because the hill was too steep and that he would have to do a shuttle load.  Meaning that he would have to rent a U-haul to get our items to our apartment.  My husband called three hours later for a status update and Dwayne said he was unable to get the truck and that he would have to get the truck the next morning and deliver by noon.  We tried and tried to get a hold of Dale but he had clearly left the office early that day (we called at 4pm his time).  I finally got a hold of Megan who said that the way our situation was being handled was completely unacceptable and that she would make phone calls and that someone would get back to me by the end of the day.  No one ever called back.  The next morning, Dale called and had a plethora of excuses for what was going on.  Dwayne called at 8:30 to say he was at our apartment and ready to unload.  The local U-haul opens at 8:30---so clearly Dwayne did get the truck the day before and he was just too lazy to unload our items the same day.  Completely unacceptable.  The actual move in was fine—minus the massive 5 inch by 6 inch hole they left in our wall (which they claimed was already there….) and the fact that they left so many scuff marks that our entire stairwell will need to be repainted.   We were ready for them to leave and then we realized we were missing three items.  Our very expensive Dyson vacuum, our mop, and our broom.  Dwayne openly admits that he unloaded those items in Las Vegas.  He also unloaded our bed rails there too—he had to go out the day of our move in and buy us a new set.  We are still waiting for our claim to be resolved for both the missing and damaged items.  I would never recommend Stevens Van Lines.  They should lose their government contract and Dwayne and Dale should find new jobs.

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