March 4, 2013

We are finally home!

By the time this post goes live, we will already be home in California.  It is so hard keeping happy news a secret.  But knowing how things can change in the Army, we decided it was best to keep our move quiet and only told family and very close friends.  After a long and lengthy process, things finally picked up speed when Grant received his separation orders after the holiday weekend in February.  We weren't sure how quickly we would be able to get the movers to come, but they packed up our stuff on Thursday the 28th and picked it up on Friday March 1st!  We spent Friday night in Nashville, dropped our cars off with the shipping company Saturday morning, and by noon on Saturday we were on a plane to California.

It's hard to believe that our time in Clarksville and Grant's time in the Army have both come to an end.

There are a few things I'll miss about Clarksville.

I'll miss our apartment more than anything.  It's the first home we've shared together and it was a major step for us.  When Grant was training in Georgia and I was teaching in California we would talk about our future apartment in Clarksville.  I would focus on the apartment as the end point in the very long journey that was our relationship in Georgia.  Moving into our apartment meant the end of red eyes back and forth across the country.  No more sobbing through the Atlanta airport.  No more timing phone calls because of a three hour time change.  No more missing Grant more than I ever knew possible.  When we finally made it to our apartment in June 2011, we both breathed a little easier---we had made it to the start of our life together. 

I'll miss just relying on Grant.  I love my family and friends in California.  It was incredibly hard to leave and it was hard to be gone for two years.  But in these past two years, Grant and I have become stronger together and having time for just the two of us is something I will always be grateful for.  We didn't have any outside distractions, drama, or pull (outside of the Army of course!).  When I needed something, I turned to Grant always.  He's my person and I'm his. We've really cherished the opportunity that the time and distance away from California gave us to develop into a family of our own.

I'll miss the friends we've made here.  Life in the Army is a funny sort of thing.  You develop relationships quickly--some stick and others fade just as quickly.  And let me tell you, some of the people we were friends with when we first moved here, turned out to be real disappointments and not people we would ever want in our life for the long haul.  But as things settled over the past two years, we have made some really good friends.  People who made this experience bearable and worth it.  And people we can't wait to catch up with later on in life.  It's not goodbye, just see you later.

I'll miss Boot Camp and Vanderbilt Theta.  The women I've met through Boot Camp and the Kappa Alpha Theta-Alpha Eta Advisory Board are wonderful people who made getting through the long--information-less--weeks a little easier.  It was nice to have a few things that were mine in the midst of our Army dominated life.  Obviously the working out was great too!  I'm excited to stay on the Alpha Eta Board all the way from California.

I'll miss my doctors.  We had no idea how sick I would get shortly after I got here, and we're so lucky that we stumbled upon a doctor who knew enough to suggest POTS might be the real problem.  No matter what I think of Clarksville, or our time here, I will always be so grateful that we were able to diagnose my medical condition, and develop a solid treatment plan that allows me to do everything I want to. 

This experience certainly did not turn out the way we thought it would.  Grant thought he was going to finish out his commitment and then we would move back to California.  He's gone through the whole cycle of emotions, but at the end of the day, he has to do what's best for his body and our family.

So here we are, home in California, ready to start the next chapter of our life together.


  1. I am just so so happy for y'all. :) I'm glad you're home in CA and I know life is going to be wonderful! Please stay in touch! Keep writing on your blog1 Can't wait to see what's in store for y'all. :)

    PS. You know you miss the craigslist postings here too, don't lie.

  2. And the drive thru liquor stores. And the adult novelty stores. And the strip clubs. And the Asian markets. And the crabby gate guards. And the 15 Walmarts. And the 1987 Target. And the bada$$ "mall."

    There is so incredibly much to miss about this place.


  3. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Check out my profile tomorrow for official rules and post!


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