April 23, 2013

Warming the House

I've been a terrible blogger lately.  Really terrible.  But settling back into California has been too much fun for me to just keep blogging about it.  But now I'm back and ready to share our experience.  that is if you hear enough about the actual journey home from my Yelp reviews...

I'll post pictures of the new place soon.  But a few weeks ago we had our friends over to see the new place.  A proper housewarming party. Right after we moved in we had both our families over for dinner so they could see the new place.  Even though they had seen all of our stuff before, it was still fun to share our home in CALIFORNIA with them.  And having all our friends over was such a treat.  Only a couple of them had been able to come visit while we were away, so it was extra special for the rest of them to actually see what our life looks life.

There were sweets and sweets and more sweets.

I don't think anyone left hungry and we still had plenty of sweets to share at Sunday night family dinner.  I think one of the things we will enjoy the most about being home is having family and friends over.  When we lived in Clarksville it was a really big deal when our family and friends came to visit from out of town.  Duh--they had to come from out of town.  And they spent the night.  Now people can just come over for a meal and Grant and I can fully enjoy it without the emotional baggage of feeling abandoned when we dropped them off at the airport.

Plus, having all this California sunshine to welcome us home doesn't hurt either...


  1. The place looks great, from what we can see so far! Can't wait to see more pictures! Where in L-town are you two??!

  2. I wanna come eat sweets with you! Wah! :( Instead, I drove past the Beverage Castle this morning after preschool dropoff and seriously considered driving through. (I KNOW.) New lows around here!

  3. Just catching up...so nice that you are back in CA :)


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