May 13, 2013

baby griki update: week 13

Dear Baby,

This week was a big one for us! We kicked off the week at our ultrasound and got to see you looking like a real baby. You even woke up after the technician had been poking and prodding for a while. I know, I know....never wake a sleeping baby. You look nice and healthy and we are now even more excited to meet you.

Sharing the news with all our family and friends was definitely the highlight! You are already surrounded by so much love.

We did have quite a scare this week. I had a mini allergic reaction which left me feeling pretty crummy the past few days. And more than ever before I understand how much your Grandma has worried about me all these years. I was in tears worrying about what the reaction might do to you. But after talking to the doctors and your dad, they all assured me your were safe and sound. Just to be extraaaaa safe I stopped by the doctor's office on Friday and they let me listen to your cute little heartbeat. Safe and sound. You're one tough cookie, baby.


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