May 22, 2013

baby griki update: week 14

Week 14 was a relatively low key week symptom wise...other than the fact that I actually have a baby bump now and some energy back.  Grant and I took our first trip to Buy, Buy, Baby.  It was so much fun (and a little overwhelming) to see all the things you need for such a tiny baby.  Definitely made the pregnancy seem more real and that the next several months are going to fly by!

It was a busy week around here. Celebrating Caroline's birthday,  coffee with Laura and Sasha now that we're home for good in CA!, Grandpa was in the hospital for stomach pains (he's home now and feeling much better!!), Mother's Day brunch with Jane and Brian, dinner with Matt to finally catch up...and we celebrated Jane's birthday Wednesday night!  It's so nice to finally be home and able to see the people we've missed so much.

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