May 8, 2013

baby griki update: Weeks 1-12

It was so exciting for us to finally be able to share our good news with all of you.  Being pregnant is a very hard secret to keep! We are finally heading into the second trimester and I am looking forward to the promise of more energy!  We've been taking pictures since we hit 7 weeks...Some mornings I wake up and don't look pregnant at all, and other mornings I wake up and think I look about 6 months pregnant.  But I managed to make it through the first trimester actually losing one pound (thank you nausea).  And let's be super clear.  That's the only pregnancy weight update that will ever be made on this blog.

 Weeks 7 to 9

Weeks 10 to 12

In my head I always thought I would tell Grant we were pregnant in some really cute, romantic way.  Clearly I had too much free time in Clarksville, and Allison and I have watched too many you tube videos.  Because in reality, we stayed with my parents for a week and a half when we moved home and I took a pregnancy test while Grant was out golfing with my dad.  When he got home, we were talking whispering in my room and I told him.  We were both in disbelief so I took another one.  Two positive tests later we were so excited and celebrating very quietly in my room since we didn't want to share the news with our parents until we had seen the doctor.

Overall the first trimester was relatively least compared to Kate Middleton's hospitalization for hyperemesis gravidarum and mass tabloid reports...I avoided the dreaded throwing up associated with morning sickness minus one traumatic incident in the church parking lot on Easter and instead was plagued with horrible night nausea, migraines, and exhaustion.  Food was the major aversion in general...protein especially.  Cravings were kiwis and bagels and cream cheese...along with everything I'm allergic too... Sea bands and peppermint tea have been my BFFs the past several weeks, along with one very supportive husband.  He even felt so bad that I was feeling so crummy that I convinced him to watch almost the whole season of Family Ties with me.  He was super thrilled about that to say the least.

As soon as you start thinking about getting pregnant, are pregnant yourself, or know someone that's pregnant, you realize that the whole pregnant for 9 months thing is a total flagrant lie--how about 10 months--40 whole weeks.  With four free weeks in the beginning and the beauty of being in your 5th week at 4 weeks, 1 day, I guess that makes up for the added month.  Obviously the whole pregnancy calendar was created by a man who wasn't actually married.

The biggest concern from family and friends was how would my POTS affect the pregnancy.  In fact, my sister thought we were joking when we told her we were expecting because she thought you couldn't get pregnant on a beta blocker.  But fear not...we've talked to my cardiologist and obgyn in Clarksville, and my cardiologist, obgyn, perinatal ultrasound specialist, allergist, and primary care doctor here. They all say it's totally fine and nothing to worry about.  To quote the perinatal specialist that does all the scans in the area, the amount of beta blocker I'm taking is "like pissing on a forest fire."  So far there haven't been any issues with my POTS at all.  I have read studies that show that women with POTS tend to be more exhausted than women without POTS during the first trimester, so I'm hoping the burst of energy is about to arrive very, very soon.

Gordon nicknamed the baby Lyle and has the whole family referring to baby griki as such.  Obviously, they all have zerooooo input on name suggestions--and Grant and I already have names picked out--but the name will definitely stay a surprise until baby arrives! For the record, I think it's a girl.  But we'll find out the end of June is baby cooperates!

Let the countdown to November 15th begin!


  1. Hi, I'm Diana from Romania. I have POTS two and already lost two little girls (twins) at 31 weeks. I discovered my POTS after the pregnancy and was quite severe at that moment (160 bpm when standing). Now I'm on propranolol and by HR stays around 100 bpm while standing. I didn't lost my girls due to POTS but due to the pregnancy itself (they were Mo-Mo twins). I want to get pregnant again and I'm afraid about the medication during pregnancy. What beta-blocker did you take during your pregnancy? I already had a C-section with my first pregnancy and this would be the only option for me at the following ones. Can you advise me on what to check? Here in Romania no one cares about POTS. I insisted a lot so I could be diagnosed. Please help me if you have any info on the above, especially on the medication with betablockers during pregnancy. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

    1. Hi Diana, I am so sorry you lost your twins. I can't imagine how horrible that must have been. I have been on metoprolol tartrate since my diagnosis. I had no issues with my medication while pregnant and had a healthy baby girl. There is limited research about POTS and deliveries; but you should be able to find some via google! Good luck!


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