June 18, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 15, 16, 17, and 18!

Weeks 15, 16, 17, and 18
It's been a busy month around here.

Weeks 15, 16, and 17 I was teaching Special Education at one of the high school's in the district.  It was so nice to be back in a classroom and getting back in the swing of things before Fall.  Weeks 15 and 16 were still filled with lots of exhaustion...but we also found out baby GRIKI is a girl!!

Weeks 17 and 18 I finally felt like I had my energy back.  Week 17 we celebrated Becca's High School Graduation and the weekend was filled with lots of family time and graduation events.  As we were getting ready to leave for graduation, Grant announced that I had most definitely popped!  People can now distinguish that I am indeed pregnant and not just spending my days munching on doughnuts....

I was definitely more tired going into week 18 and had two days filled with morning episodes of tachycardia followed by extreme exhaustion.  We were both more than a little nervous that my POTS was starting to make an appearance; but after looking at our schedule for the previous week, I'm almost positive that those episodes were directly related to stress and exhaustion.

I'm still craving everything I'm allergic to; but I'm also craving all sweet fruits.  So lots of peaches, plums, and strawberries around here.

Looking forward to a nice, relaxing summer getting my classroom and plans ready for fall...and the nursery of course! We bought our first item for the nursery last weekend.  Very very exciting!

June 10, 2013

3 years ago today...

I had a five hour sushi lunch date with the cute, athletic guy from high school.  

Now he's my husband and we have a daughter on the way.  

Our love story is my very favorite

Life is so good right now.  

Celebrating the pay off of a roller coaster three years with sushi tonight.

June 9, 2013

Becca's High School Graduation!

Friday night Grant's youngest sister Becca graduated from high school!  
She's off to the University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall!

It's weird to think that EIGHT whole years ago, Grant and I were graduating.  
It was sweltering and we were all melting; but we managed to survive the heat.

Happy Graduation Becca!
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