July 3, 2013

Appropriate Adult Boundaries and Wine Tasting with Judgment

Grant's friend Vlad came to visit us this past weekend! They are Army friends from West Point and hadn't seen each other in five years.  Vlad has spent the past few years stationed in South Korea and was unable to make it out to the wedding to be a groomsmen so we were so excited when he was able to book a trip out to see us as part of block leave!

Of course...being that he is on block leave and all...there had to be a hold up with flight.  Now I realize that the Army doesn't control the flight schedule...but let's just say the word typical can definitely apply to the situation.  His flight with Spirit was delayed originally for a couple hours and ended up being delayed almost 12 hours! He was able to cancel his flight with Spirit and after explaining his situation to Southwest, they booked him on a flight leaving earlier than his original flight with Spirit.  One more reason why Grant and I love Southwest so much.

He arrived and after fighting the tunnel traffic from the A's game, the boys made it home!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Napa with Allison for some wine tasting (watching).  We started at Louis Martini (our favorite) where they tasted and we ate a picnic lunch outside before it got warm sweltering.  Then we went to Hall Winery where the service was mediocre at best.  The only thing that kept us remotely interested in the place was that ever person who walked through the door looked like they could have been eligible for an episode of What Not to Wear.

It was so hot that Allison got super hungry before our car ride home...


After the second winery, we were melting from the heat and decided to head back home.  We all collapsed on the sofa with the air conditioning on for a few hours before heading out to sushi for dinner.  And of course, a trip to Lafayette wouldn't be complete without a tour of Walnut Creek's finest bars downtown...

Somehow the boys managed to wake up in time to head down to Stanford so Vlad could see the campus.  He's considering one of their graduate programs.  After they headed back, we went over the the weekly Sunday night dinner at my parent's house.  I appreciated the fact that Grant could watch the FIFA Confederations Cup final somewhere other than our apartment because after some of the games this tournament I'm sure our neighbors were wondering what all the screaming was about.  We ate way too much and topped the night off with s'mores by the fire pit.  The perfect way to end a great weekend!

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