July 2, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 19 and 20!

 Weeks 19 and 20

We have officially hit the halfway mark! It's hard to believe that in just a few more months, baby griki will be here! We are now in full swing getting ready for her arrival.

We kicked week 19 off with a trip to Buy, Buy, Baby to do the baby registry! Grant enjoyed the scanner and I enjoyed the itty bitty outfits.  After all that scanning we headed off to Grandpa's house for Father's Day with the family!

The first step to getting the guest room turned into a nursery was to move all of my teaching stuff to my new classroom so baby griki can have her closet.  So Grant and I took everything over to Campolindo and now have an empty closet ready for cute little baby outfits.

Week 20 was baby's first day of volunteering.  Grant and I spent the morning volunteering with Kids Against Hunger at a work volunteer event my sister organized!  Together we all packed 3, 456 meals to be shipped into disaster relief missions around the world.

 Photo: So proud to work for a company invested in ending world hunger! We made 3,456 meals to send into disaster relief missions around the world. #jll #kidsagainsthunger

After a quick sushi lunch we headed over to Ikea to pick up baby griki's dresser, crib, and teal cart (which we'll use next to the dresser for diaper supplies!).

We also decided to use the same pediatrician that both Grant and I had growing up.  She's amazing and both our families have spent lots of time in her care over the years.

Slowly but surely we're checking items off the massive to do list.

Not only am I starting to look more pregnant, but I'm also feeling more pregnant.  I'm hungry more (Grant might argue haannngrrryy more), exhausted, achy, and thanks to all the hot weather we've been having lately, my feet have been swelling.  The food allergies continue to be stressful--both my OBGYN and allergist have said no more eating out (other than the two sushi places we go all the time) until the baby arrives. So far no major POTS issues--other than the relentless exhaustion. At this point my pregnancy is more like that of Kim Kardashian than Kourtney Kardashian...

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