July 5, 2013

Greg and Allie are Tying the Knot!

Our friends Greg and Allie are getting married in New Jersey this weekend!
Grant and Greg were randomly placed together in the same apartment at goold old 
Independence Place in Columbus, Georgia while they were both doing IBOLC at Fort Benning. 
Allie and I quickly bonded over the ridiculousness of dating these two boys 
and the crazy Army life that came along with the relationships.  
I could not have gotten through that year without her!

We survived a very drunken night one January weekend in downtown Columbus 
with their less than pleasant roommate and his terrible girlfriend....

And then of course there was the bonfire they built at their apartment complex...

...we were freezing! 
I  can't believe only two years have passed since we took these photos...we look so young!

Somehow Allie and I never scheduled our flights out of Atlanta at the same time; but it was comforting to know that we were both crying our way through the airports on the same days...
Wish we could be there to celebrate your wedding--it's been too long!
Hope the day is magical!  
Welcome to the Army Mrs. Scheffler...

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