August 5, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 23, 24, and 25!

 Weeks 23, 24, and 25

Week 23:
Week 23 started off with a kick! Actually lots of powerful kicks.  We can now see my whole stomach move when baby kicks.  Grant's hopeful this means she'll be a soccer player.  With baby moving around so much, we were motivated to build the last piece of furniture for her room...her crib!  But when we opened the box, we discovered that the crazy Ikea people in Sweden only sent us half the parts we needed.  I guess after having a bagillion pieces of Ikea furniture in our apartment, it's pretty surprising that this was the first time we had this happen to us...but still frustrating.  So off to Ikea we went to pick up more parts...only when we got there...they were out of some of the parts.  So we had to call the customer service hotline and have the parts shipped from Sweden.  One more trip to Ikea during week 23 and we have almost everything we need for the nursery!

With the summer heat my fingers and feet have been swelling, so I'm just wearing my engagement ring for the time being and finding lots of great excuses to prop my feet up!  No crazy pregnancy symptoms this week except for the most ridiculous case of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Week 24:
Baby was still moving around lots this week.  So far her most favorite meal has been french toast for dinner.  She was dancing around like crazy for about 30 minutes after we ate.  Our parts from Ikea FINALLY ARRIVED!! So the crib is built...most of the decorations are complete.  Can't wait to share the nursery with all of you in October when it's finished! My family surprised up with our stroller this week so now it's feeling like we have actuallll baby things in our house instead of just decorating a room for a little girl to come live with us.

Still craving lots of sweet things...peaches, plums, cinnamon sugar...No restless leg syndrome this week, but maybe must have been growing lots because I was exhausted! And baby got herself all twisted around on Wednesday which left me with the most horrific lower back pain.  Thankfully she moved around and by Thursday morning I was feeling much better.  I'm obviously looking pregnant...but the man at the Dry Cleaners asked me if I was having twins since I'm "so big!".  For the record, I'm measuring exactlyyyyyyy at 24 weeks thank you very much.

I finished my lesson plans for the year so it was off to Lake Tahoe for a few days of rest and relaxation...

Week 25:
Week 25 was spent mostly relaxing in Lake Tahoe.  Baby had her first trip to the beach and loved relaxing in the sun.  Once my stomach got warm she would start moving around...she enjoyed the cold lake water much less and stopped moving each time I went in the water.  Grant and I had fun watching all the little kids at the beach, knowing that baby will be old enough to try and eat the sand while playing on the beach next year. I finished the week off by spending a little more time in my classroom getting ready for my students!

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