August 24, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 26, 27, and 28!

Weeks 26, 27, and 28

Week 26
Allison and I started week 26 off by spending the day camped out by the pool while Grant studied for his LEED exam.  I got the rest of my stuff put away in my classroom and got to spend the rest of the week running errands and relaxing.  Baby is now moving around a ton.  She's kicking and rolling all the time and sometimes I feel like if my feet weren't firmly planted I might actually move!

Week 27
We kicked off the week with my glucose test on Friday and a trip to labor and delivery on Saturday.  Thankfully I passed the glucose test and don't have to worry about gestational diabetes.  But after not feeling well for a whole day, my ob sent me to labor and delivery to see what was going on.  After monitoring me for five hours and running some tests, they decided I just had an infection that a quick round of antibiotics over the next week would fix.  Grant and I decided that more than anything baby is probably just as type A as we are and really she just wanted a preview of what is to come in November.  Although the trip was stressful, it was actually probably a good thing because we were able to spend thirty minutes with a nurse while she entered all of my allergies and medical history into their computer system.  I would much rather do this now than in the middle of contractions in November.  The rest of the week was pretty quiet...just finishing up projects before the start of work! Although I did start to have some tachycardia issues towards the end of the cardiologist says this is to be expected until baby arrives.  And the week ended with New Teacher Orientation.  So so excited to be back teaching at our high school. 

Week 28
We finally made it to the third trimester!!! Can't believe our baby girl will be here in less than three months.  Week 28 was filled with more tachycardia and POTS related issues; but it was also officially the first week of work!  The first three days were Summer Institute followed by a day of Whole District Staff Development and one day of Campus Staff Development.  Grant passed his LEED exam with flying colors! We also had our first baby class...Pain Management for Labor and Delivery.  It was a good class but I could have done without the pictures and diagrams... I continued to struggle with tachycardia issues and feeling crummy in general.  I attribute a large portion of this to just getting back in the swing of things with work, but after feeling winded during even the shortest conversations when I'm sitting down, we called the cardiologist.  It looks like I'm now dealing with two issues..increased tachycardia and low blood pressure (hypotension).  The best possible treatment would be way more fluids and increasing my salt intake...fingers crossed it works!  But the best news of the week is that Gordon was accepted into Stanford Law School and will be staying in California!!! We are SO excited!

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