August 11, 2013

Back to School: My New Classroom!

The last time I posted about my new classroom (at the time...) was in July 2011.  At the time, I thought I'd be teaching there for at least two or three years while Grant was stationed at Fort Campbell.  And although life and my body cut that experience short much more quickly than I anticipated.  I did love that classroom.  In the midst of a crazy move across country and a life change that had me shift around my job, my family, and my friends, that classroom felt like my space.

However, my new classroom is so much better.  Being back at our old high school feels right.  And although I liked high school, I wouldn't rush back to relive it anytime soon.  But Grant and I still have really great friends from our time there, and this one time, he showed up in my classroom and changed my life.  That whole down on one knee thing definitely solidifies the sentimental value this place holds for us.

We set up my room earlier this summer in order to start converting our guest room/storage room to the nursery.  So here's the new room...

The front of the right wall.

The back part of the right wall.

The back wall.

The back part of the left wall.

The front part of the left wall.

The front of the room.

Can't believe I report back to work on Friday! And that the next time I take a break from teaching will be to HAVE A BABY.

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  1. What grade and class do you teach? My sister accepted her first actual teaching position as a 6th grade English teacher last spring as a long-term sub for the rest of the year, so she is really pumped to be able to have the kids for an entire year this fall. I loved helping her decorate her room! :)


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