August 12, 2013

Home Tour....finally!

It's hard for us to believe that we've been back living in California for over FIVE months now.  Time has certainly flown by and we are racing towards a new school year, fall, the holidays, and the arrival of our baby girl.  Absolutely my most favorite time of the year.  But since a long, long, longggg time ago I said I would post pictures of our apartment for our friends in TN...I decided I should actually get this post together before I start teaching.  So here it goes...

Downstairs we have the half bathroom, kitchen, family room and dining room.

Half Bathroom


Family Room

Dining Room

Upstairs we have the guest room (now NURSERY!), full bath, and master bedroom.

Guest Room (nursery pictures coming soon!)
You can tell from the photos that by the time I actually took photos 
we had already started acquiring pieces for the nursery!


Master Bedroom

Both the upstairs and downstairs have balconies because we actually have a one bedroom apartment below us.  We are blessed to have a ton of storage and all we have to do to access the laundry room is walk right out our front door.  We really love our apartment and it definitely feels like home now!

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