September 8, 2013

baby griki update: week 30!

Week 30

Week 30 flew by thanks for school being back in session.  I'm hearing a lot of..."You're huge" and "Are you sure there aren't two in there..." lately.  Nope, only one thanks. Friday night Grant and I went to the Campolindo football game to check my annual teacher supervision off the list of things to do before baby arrives.  We spent Saturday in Napa wine tasting/watching with my family.

 And then I promptly spent the rest of the weekend in bed trying to keep the blood pressure up and the heart rate low!  I made it through the entire second season of Scandal thanks to having Monday off for Labor Day.

The work week flew by and I knocked my first two IEP meetings out of the way.  Two least twenty-six to go before June...hopefully about 15 of those will be before November 1st! We had another baby class this week.  "Surviving the First Weeks"  We weren't totally sure what the class would be about...but the lady mostly talked about sleeping and maintaining your marriage when you're completely sleep deprived.  Health wise I did ok.  Stuck with lots of water, gatorade, and salty snacks.  We saw the cardiologist again and he wants me to see a specialist at Stanford so hopefully that can get rolling soon!  The goal is to keep working and stay off bedrest to help the time pass until November...

30 weeks down. Ten more to go.

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