September 22, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 31 and 32!

Weeks 31 and 32
Week 31

Week 31 was a busy one.  We spent the weekend celebrating Grant's birthday with his parents, Scott and Lindsay and my family.  We were able to relax lots and sleep in.  Gordon came home for a brief visit (mostly to watch Breaking Bad...) so we were all able to hang out at family dinner.  It was the first five day week of work with all the kiddos in attendance and my body was feeling it.  Everyone's a little more settled into the routine and I crossed another IEP off the to-do list.  We all survived Back to School Night and managed to stay awake all day Friday.  I spent the week drinking electrolyte water and gatorade.  And I did start wearing the compression stockings which seem to be helping the blood pressure a little bit.  We finally heard back from the POTS specialist's office.  Waiting to see if we can do a phone consult or if we have to go in person.  Baby is doing great...moving lots.  I'm feeling feet or hands shoved up around the ribs and get little hard spots over my stomach where a little baby is living.

Week 32

This week kicked off with our Infant Safety and CPR class.  We were by far the youngest couple there....but we're discovering that's a trend at these classes.  Grant spent Saturday night at the Earthquakes game with Dad and Gordon while I rested lots.  The week flew by pretty quickly.  Another check in with the allergist...things look great as far as allergies go!  Tuesday night we had our Newborn Care class.  It was all about swaddling, umbilical cord care, and lots of baby products.  And Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call that Stanford Cardiovascular had an appointment time for me on Thursday morning.  You don't turn down an appointment with a POTS specialist at Stanford so I put in for a sub...whipped out the sub binder...and called Grant to ask him to work from home on Thursday.  Thankfully he was able to and we headed down to Stanford bright and early.  Our day consisted of a two hour drive to the hospital (thank you morning commute traffic), a one hour appointment with the doctor that ran an hour and a half late, and a two hour drive was a very long day!  But we received lots of great information. You can read all about our doctor's appointment here.  All in was a very exhausting week...

32 weeks down...8 to go!

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