October 19, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 35 and 36!

Weeks 35 and 36

Week 35
Nesting mode officially kicked in.  We finished the nursery, had our hospital tour, and took our maternity photos.  Didn't learn too many exciting things on the hospital tour except for the fact that Alice Waters is the chef at the hospital and that every mom leaves with a Vera Bradley tote bag.  Only the essentials were covered. :)  Other than that nothing too exciting around here this week.  Just lots of meetings at school trying to make sure everything is taken care of for when I go out!

Week 36 
(Grant got a lot more ceiling in that photo than usual...clearly we take these photos VERY early in the morning before work...)  Week 36 was a big one.  We kicked off the week by celebrating by 26th birthday with lots of White Collar, lunch with my family, another baby shower, and Sunday night dinner! After a whirlwind weekend I was thankful for a Monday holiday.  I seriously don't think I've ever been more excited to have a three day weekend in my whole life.  Grant and I had another ultrasound to check on baby just to make sure there aren't any POTS issues.  All is well with baby.  As of Monday she was 6 lbs, 2 oz and she has hair!  After the appointment we went to Target to exchange a few things and for the first time I saw someone being tackled for shoplifting in Target.  They don't mess around there.  After a quick stop at Carters we headed off to Buy, Buy, Baby to get a few more things for baby GRIKI, and then installed the car seat bases.  She is definitely all set.  This week felt like a marathon through work.  I wanted to get all the loose ends tied up and taken care of.  And I had to get my flu shot (preservative free!) and my whooping cough shot.  So Thursday I treated myself to a facial after work.  I still can't believe that I'm now 9 months pregnant....I feel like just yesterday we were sharing the news with all of you!

October 15, 2013

baby griki: Maternity Photos

I can't believe I'm already in my 36th week of being pregnant.  

The nursery is ready. All the loose ends at work are almost tied up. 
And all the clothes are washed and put away.  

This pregnancy has flown by...some days faster than others...
so we knew we wanted to document the baby bump (massive balloon) 
while we had the chance.

I'm so glad we decided on Melissa Bartlett Photography.  
She's amazing and I can't wait for her to take baby GRIKI's newborn photos!

October 7, 2013

baby griki: nursery reveal!!

As soon as we knew we were pregnant, I knew the nursery would be pink, teal and grey with white furniture if we were having a girl.  Excuse the crummy lighting...I was too excited that we finished the nursery to get down the good camera...

When you walk into the room and look to the right, this is what you see...

Then there is a bigggggg wall of a closet where Grant gets to keep his clothes 
and we store everything else we own...

We got a grey slipcover to go over the white and navy striped sofa we already had.

The pink polka dot chair and ottoman were the first things we purchased for the nursery.
Thanks Home Goods!

The lanterns are left over from the baby shower Mom and Caroline threw.

Baby's name will go under the Sweet Dreams sign...
but not until she gets here!

I found sheets to match the chair and ottoman at Target.

And Baby has her own closet.

One of my most favorite purchases for the nursery is the teal cart
we got to store all the diapers and supplies.
After seeing it drooling over it for months, I caved and found a purpose for it in the nursery.

Hope Baby GRIKI likes pink and teal as much as I do.

October 6, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 33 and 34!

Weeks 33 and 34

Week 33

Week 33 started off with our last baby class...Labor and Delivery.  It was the class we were both dreading the most.  An all day class, with a bunch of strangers, birth videos, and we had to bring two pillows...thankfully, we didn't have to actually use the pillows, and the videos were nice and retro.  We're still trying to figure out who would actually agree to have their birth be filmed.  I don't need any video footage of being in labor thank you very much. But we survived and don't have any other classes to attend.  I started to feel REALLY pregnant this week.  Starting Monday my students said things like "Wow Mrs. Frazier, you look REALLY pregnant."  As opposed to before when I was only a little bit pregnant?  But I'm definitely feeling working full time and going to doctor's appointments constantly all while being in the third trimester.

Week 34

We kicked off week 34 with a lots of errands.  Sunday was my baby shower thrown by Caroline and mom.  It was so fun.  Lots of girly things with pink and polka dots to match the nursery.  (Posts on the shower and nursery soon!) Baby GRIKI has definitely dropped lower which lets me breath a little easier but means I have to pee even more than before!!  She's still moving around a ton and making my whole stomach look lop-sided depending on which way she's laying.  She loves moving around thanks to ice water and all things sweet.  This week was the busiest week at work so far.  FIVE IEP meetings, some lovely BTSA activities, my formal observation and my co-workers threw me a baby shower! I am definitely spoiled.

Jessica made baby this cute elephant with a purple flower headband!

I'm so glad to have made it through this past week.  The nursery is almost finished and baby will be here so soon!

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