October 7, 2013

baby griki: nursery reveal!!

As soon as we knew we were pregnant, I knew the nursery would be pink, teal and grey with white furniture if we were having a girl.  Excuse the crummy lighting...I was too excited that we finished the nursery to get down the good camera...

When you walk into the room and look to the right, this is what you see...

Then there is a bigggggg wall of a closet where Grant gets to keep his clothes 
and we store everything else we own...

We got a grey slipcover to go over the white and navy striped sofa we already had.

The pink polka dot chair and ottoman were the first things we purchased for the nursery.
Thanks Home Goods!

The lanterns are left over from the baby shower Mom and Caroline threw.

Baby's name will go under the Sweet Dreams sign...
but not until she gets here!

I found sheets to match the chair and ottoman at Target.

And Baby has her own closet.

One of my most favorite purchases for the nursery is the teal cart
we got to store all the diapers and supplies.
After seeing it drooling over it for months, I caved and found a purpose for it in the nursery.

Hope Baby GRIKI likes pink and teal as much as I do.

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  1. Gorgeous! Omg *I* wanna live there. ;) Molly has that same fitted sheet and it is just the cutest thing!! Make sure to have like, I dunno 5 or 12 handy since poop-splosions only seem to happen in the crib. Or the carseat. Or in your lap during church. Only the most inconvenient of places and times of course! ;)

    I am so excited to see this baby!!!!

    (Also, virtual high five on that teal cart. That thing is the bomb dot com!!)


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