November 18, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 39, 40, and 41

Weeks 39, 40, and 41

Week 39
After not working full time for two years in Clarksville, I have really LOVED being back in the classroom this fall.  It was tough sitting around the house this week, even though my body desperately needed it and the doctors were right about puling me off work.  Between family dinners at my parent's house and my mother-in-law bringing dinner multiple nights, Grant and I have been spoiled.  I spent the week trying to bribe baby out with Christmas movies from the Hallmark Holiday channel.  But apparently she's more content to watch the movies from a warm and comfy womb.  I keep promising lots of snuggles and warm blankets out in the real world, but so far, she's not interested.  But the end of the week I was already going a little stir crazy.  Tired of swollen feet and very, very ready for baby to be here!

Week 40
Week 40 was filled with lots of walking.  Grant and I spent hours walking the mall Saturday and Sunday we walked around the neighborhood.  But still nothing... It was another long week of not working and generally being uncomfortable.  I tried to take advantage of the downtime and spent all week taking morning naps.  Mom and I walked every store in the county and took another trip to Reflexology for foot massages.  Friday Grant and I got to have a sushi date with Lauren and Rory.  I continue to be so surprised that baby isn't here yet!

Week 41
This weekend was a very, VERY long one.  Lots of irregular to slightly more regular contractions.  Lots of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement! But baby yet! So what else was there to do but decorate for Christmas.  Grant is firmly anti-Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.  But, he's not carrying around a full grown baby inside his stomach--so his vote was irrelevant this weekend and he helped like a champ! Scheduled to be induced tonight at 8pm--fingers crossed we have a baby in our arms VERY SOON.

Stay tuned...

November 4, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 37 and 38


Weeks 37 and 38

Week 37

This was the first week where I really felt P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T.  I got home from work on Friday and was all achy and exhausted and ready for baby to be here.  We spent the weekend tackling all the last little chores we had: new tires for Grant's car, organizing the house, stocking up on Kingsley safe foods.  We celebrated my birthday Sunday night with Grant's parents and I promptly decided I would be wearing leggings all week long in order to make it to work.  There were a lot of tank tops and sweatshirts worn, but I did make it through the entire week! No IEPs this week; but the students still kept us plenty busy.  It was one of those weeks that reminds me that I control 2% of my day, and the other 98% of my day is completely determined by what my students bring into my classroom.  Thursday Allison and I crossed the last thing off my to do list by getting mani-pedis after work.  Grant and I thought Thursday night might be the night after four hours of consistent contractions...but then the suddenly stopped.  So now we're still waiting for baby...

Week 38

By the time Friday was over, my body was pretty much done being pregnant.  I told Grant we were walking this weekend.  We went for walks Saturday and Sunday and I got an hour long foot massage on Saturday with the hopes that somethingggggg might help baby start moving towards her arrival.  And while we got lots of kicks and movement like usual...still no baby.  Monday was a Special Ed staff development day.  I fully appreciate the fact that the rest of my department sported a more casual look since we were off site collaborating for the day and I was no longer the only one in sweats.  I crawled in bed as soon as I got home Monday feeling more crummy than usual and was up all night with an upper respiratory bug.  I made it to work Tuesday for an IEP meeting, but was out sick the rest of the day.  I saw both the allergist and the OBGYN that day and we decided it was time for me to stop working.  POTS, combined with the allergies/asthma potential during sick season at school, on top of being pregnant creates a very unpredictable situation.  So in order to keep me as healthy as possible for labor and delivery, I need to stop working.  Wednesday I took the morning off and made it in for the afternoon classes and my afternoon IEP.  Thursday I made it to my morning IEP---the last one before maternity leave (#21!!!) and stayed for all the morning classes.  I enjoyed a nice prenatal massage that afternoon and Friday was my last day of work.  Work has been unbelievably supportive but I'm still a little disappointed to be going out two weeks earlier than planned.  I love my job but am also so excited to have baby, I think I'm still scarred from that whole West Creek thing.  Thankfully, this time work is so supportive with whatever is best for baby and my body and I work with the best people who will do great things with the students while I'm gone.  Now I just have to get myself out of work mode and enjoy the rest.  To celebrate working all the way up to 38 weeks, Grant and I went out to sushi to celebrate!

Now to enjoy a little time to myself before baby arrives!
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