November 18, 2013

baby griki update: weeks 39, 40, and 41

Weeks 39, 40, and 41

Week 39
After not working full time for two years in Clarksville, I have really LOVED being back in the classroom this fall.  It was tough sitting around the house this week, even though my body desperately needed it and the doctors were right about puling me off work.  Between family dinners at my parent's house and my mother-in-law bringing dinner multiple nights, Grant and I have been spoiled.  I spent the week trying to bribe baby out with Christmas movies from the Hallmark Holiday channel.  But apparently she's more content to watch the movies from a warm and comfy womb.  I keep promising lots of snuggles and warm blankets out in the real world, but so far, she's not interested.  But the end of the week I was already going a little stir crazy.  Tired of swollen feet and very, very ready for baby to be here!

Week 40
Week 40 was filled with lots of walking.  Grant and I spent hours walking the mall Saturday and Sunday we walked around the neighborhood.  But still nothing... It was another long week of not working and generally being uncomfortable.  I tried to take advantage of the downtime and spent all week taking morning naps.  Mom and I walked every store in the county and took another trip to Reflexology for foot massages.  Friday Grant and I got to have a sushi date with Lauren and Rory.  I continue to be so surprised that baby isn't here yet!

Week 41
This weekend was a very, VERY long one.  Lots of irregular to slightly more regular contractions.  Lots of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement! But baby yet! So what else was there to do but decorate for Christmas.  Grant is firmly anti-Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.  But, he's not carrying around a full grown baby inside his stomach--so his vote was irrelevant this weekend and he helped like a champ! Scheduled to be induced tonight at 8pm--fingers crossed we have a baby in our arms VERY SOON.

Stay tuned...


  1. TONIGHT!? Oh my gosh! How exciting! :-)

  2. Tonight?!!? Good luck! So excited to see pictures!

  3. Omg girl! Good luck!! Praying for you!!


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