December 9, 2013

The Name: Marilyn Elizebeth

Keeping the pregnancy a secret for the first 12 weeks was difficult; 
but, keeping the name a secret was something both Grant and I knew we wanted to do....
no matter how many bribes our family members offered! 

We had her name picked out before we even knew we were pregnant.  

The list of names we considered was short and we quickly knew that 

Marilyn 'Marley' Elizebeth 

would be her name.

Marilyn was my grandma's name.  
Grant and I both loved her lots and 
the whole family was incredibly sad when she passed away in June of 2012.

Some of the people in my grandma's life called her Marley.
We love the nickname.

Elizebeth is my middle name.
Elizebeth was my mom's middle name.
Elizabeth was my mother in law's middle name.
Elizebeth is my grandma's name.
Elizebeth was my grandma's grandma's name.
So we knew we could honor lots of the special women in our lives this way.

Now that she's here and the name is not a secret...
all the name things can come out of hiding!

1 comment:

  1. Not even your parents knew?! Oh boy! I think my mom would have gone crazy!!! Love the story behind the name! :-)


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