January 5, 2014

We survived the holidays with a newborn!

Little Miss Marley was only nine days old by the time Thanksgiving rolled around this year.  She was a trooper and we put her in real clothes for the very first time.  She instantly looked so much older than she does when she's in one of her sleepers.  She spent most of the day sleeping and snuggling, but we did manage to get a family photo!

She did great all day until she WAILED on the drive home.  This was when we learned the lady does NOT like to be warm. Under any circumstances.  She prefers to be cool, calm, and collected at all times.

With Thanksgiving so late this year, Christmas seemed to sneak up on us! Thankfully we had already decorated for Christmas before Marley arrived. (Remember, the 40 week pregnant lady makes the rules around here...)  We tried to cram in as many Christmas movies and holiday traditions as possible!  Marley and I made it to a few Mommy and Me classes and baked holiday treats with Grandma while Grant was at work.  She loved all her quality time with Uncle Gordie once he made it home after law school finals were over and soon enough we were celebrating Christmas!

But first, we snuck in a day date to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and saw Saving Mr. Banks.

Grandpa came up a few days before Christmas and Marley opened her very first Christmas present.  After dinner and presents we decorated gingerbread houses! Grant and I made Marley her very first house with her initials on it.  Very important to introduce her to the concept of a monogram early on.

Christmas Eve we went to church and then Auntie Caroline's house for dinner.  The sweet Christmas Carols lulled the little one to sleep (clearly my daughter) and she slept peacefully the whole time in her snowflake dress.

When we got to Caroline's, Grant and I decided to put Marley in her reindeer jammies so she could get ready for bed.  BIG mistake.  Homegirl does not like to be hot (see incident above at Thanksgiving).  She was happy for about ten minutes (although this photo alludes to discontent from the very beginning...). 

Then the wailing began....a little naked time and a normal sleeper later and she was sleeping soundly while we ate dinner and watched A Christmas Story.

She slept almost ten hours that night giving Santa plenty of time to deliver her presents to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  She sported her "Mommy's Favorite Present" onesie and loved looking at everything.  We struggled with over stimulation throughout the day, but she was a trooper and loved all the snuggles she got.

We've now packed up all the Christmas decorations and written all our thank you notes.  Can't wait until next year when she'll be even more aware of the magic of Christmas!

And then it was New Year's Eve.  The past few years have been pretty big nights for us.  NYE 2010: Auntie Dora and Uncle Jim got married. NYE 2011 and NYE 2012: San Francisco Shenanigans with Scott and Lindsay.  This year we were all asleep by 8:45 and I wouldn't have had it any other way!

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  1. Okay I'm not even kidding, I hadn't read "very important to introduce her to the concept of a monogram early on" when I purchased the little pacifier monograms... WEIRD!!!!


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