April 25, 2014

Miss Marilyn is FIVE Months Old!

Marley is Five Months Old!

How old are you?
Five months old (but wearing 9-12 month clothes!)

Do you have any nicknames?
Munchkin, Baby Bird. Mom keeps telling Dad they have to stop using nicknames.  She's very worried I won't know my real name is Marilyn.

What makes you happy?
Animal noises, real food, bath time.

What makes you sad?
Strangers. I use my big, crocodile sized tears to get back to Mom or Dad.

What is your favorite animal?
Mr. Quackers. Mom and Dad squeeze his tummy and he goes "Quack, quack, quack." I squeal each time.

What is your favorite thing to eat?
PEARS. They are super delicious.  Sweet potatoes are pretty great too.  They just let me try carrots today and they were yummy.  Much better than rice cereal and applesauce. Can we say blahhh?

What is your favorite thing to do?
Eat.  I put on my best baby bird face and open up my mouth so that Mom knows exactly what to do.  I get so excited that I just point my little toes up in the air as I lift my head up.  I enjoy every bite and go "Mmmmmm" and I chew.  So excited these people are finally treating me like a big girl.

What is your favorite song?
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Grandma's been teaching me some pretty sweet dance moves to go with the song.

What is your favorite TV show?
I didn't get to watch much TV this month. Pretty lame if you ask me.  But I still have hope that the baby sized TV will get some quality shows (Parent note--Marley thinks the baby monitor is her TV...).

What are you really good at?
The whole hand-eye coordination thing.  I love picking things up--especially with my right hand! Sorry Dad, looks like I take after Mom with this one.

What is your favorite movie?
No movies this month.  However, I'm still intrigued by the baby TV in Mom and Dad's room.  It's my size.  It should really go in my room.

What is your favorite color?
Orange. With baseball season in full swing, I've been grabbing at all the Giant's gear in the house.

Who is your best friend?
Mr. Quackers. He's so funny.

What do you and mom do together?
We snuggle in bed after work.  She's sooooo tired and I'm sooooo squirmy so it's lots of fun.  Unless I still have a burp buried deep inside. Then it's not so fun.

What do you and dad do together?
We share morning snuggles.  He and Mom always race to get me out of bed in the morning because I'm SO happy.  Dad usually convinces Mom to let him do it since she gets all the afternoon snuggles.  Then he plays with me while Mom finishes getting ready for work.

What is your favorite sport?
Dancing. I've got moves you've never seen.

Where is your favorite place to go?
Just staying home.  Finally a little peace and quiet around here.

What is your favorite book?
Clifford.  He's big and red so I can see him on the pages!

What do you think about before you fall asleep?
Rolling down hills.  I heave myself from side to side just to see how much momentum I can get.  Some nights I even manage to turn myself 180 degrees or onto my stomach.  If I end up on my stomach, I just scream and cry until Mom and Dad come flip me back over like a pancake. Works every time.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A food critic.  I've got lots of opinions people.  I was all about the sweet potatoes at first.  Delicious.  Applesauce was a little less interesting but rice cereal was beyond gross.  Mom was really letting her cooking slide.  Fortunately pears came into the mix.  Yum.  I LOVE pears.  More reviews to come...a new one every three days...

Month 5 was such a blur.  I feel like the months are going by faster and faster.  Marley still hates tummy time but she rolls over from front to back and back to front.  She loves getting in her car seat and seeing where we are going.  Her days are filled with fun activities Grandma plans and trying to grab Kato and Mango.  After finishing up the move, we are officially settled in the house.  Marley is getting so big and now has TWO teeth.  She screamed for five minutes each time one came through and then was back to being a happy camper.  This month we also survived her first cold over my spring break.  Our happy little girl continues to be quite the introvert.  She's happy as long as she doesn't have to be too much of anything.  Not too hot, too cold, too alone, too over stimulated, etc...  She spends each moment taking in everything around her and you can tell that her little brain is always thinking.  Her laughter is contagious and the best part of our day!  And those cheeks...I could squeeze them all day!

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  1. She is too cute! And how on earth is she 5 months old?? Weren't you just announcing your pregnancy last week?


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