June 1, 2014

Miss Marilyn is SIX Months Old!

Marley is Six Months Old!

How old are you?
Six months old (but wearing 12 month clothes!)

Do you have any nicknames?
They've been using my full name a lot this month.  Mom says I need to know my real name instead of all these nicknames.

What makes you happy?
Quack, quack, quacks. Being tickled. Snuggles.

What makes you sad?
Still strangers. I use my big, crocodile sized tears to get back to Mom or Dad.  Also, being left to play by myself for too long.  A few quick coughs usually gets them paying attention again.

What is your favorite animal?
My new birdie from Easter.  He's so soft.

What is your favorite thing to eat?
Still pears and sweet potatoes.  Although I would really like something to bite into.  Enough of these purees.

What is your favorite thing to do?
Sit up by myself.  I have a much better view of the world from up here!

What is your favorite song?
All the top 40 hits Mom listens to in the car.  Sometimes they put me right to sleep...

What is your favorite TV show?
Still Clifford.  Such a cutie pie.

What are you really good at?
Sitting up by myself.  My balance has gotten better although I'm still a little bit of a weeble wobble.

What is your favorite movie?
Monster's University.  Those monsters are so funny.

What is your favorite color?
Pink, pink, and more pink!

Who is your best friend?
Daddy.  He's my go to person this month.

What do you and mom do together?
We swing.  I love the swing so much and Mom will push me for hours.  Sometimes she tries to eat my toes and I giggle and squeal.

What do you and dad do together?
He gives me kisses and I laugh hysterically.  He's so funny and he always tries to eat me! I even got a rash on my face from his scratchy beard.  Mom was pretty upset.  Dad kept kissing me.  Mom was still pretty upset.

What is your favorite sport?
Football.  I'm great at using all my strength to knock things out of the way.

Where is your favorite place to go?
Outside.  It's so peaceful!

What is your favorite book?
The Froggy books.

What do you think about before you fall asleep?
Snacks.  Or playing games.  This month I've been trying to eat my sleep sack or playing the paci game with Daddy.  Both are pretty satisfying.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A drama major.  This month I mastered the art of throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat.  I can cry whenever and convince any poor soul that my parent's are doing something awful to me.  Turns out I like to be in control just as much as Mom and Dad do..... 

Month 6 flew by! We kept settling into the house, raced through Spring semester, and celebrated my parent's 30th wedding anniversary.  Our little munchkin is growing up so fast! At her last doctor's appointment, she was almost 20 pounds!  She's looking older and older each day and wants to be just as independent.  She still loves going to Grandma and Grandpa's house each morning and reaches for my mom as soon as we walk in the door.  No new teeth this month, although the top four are just sitting waiting to come through.  She's still a wonderful sleeper and eater.  Her laughter is contagious and her squeals radiate through the house.  We're still fighting some stranger danger and our little one loves her down time.  Can't wait to see what the next month brings! 

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  1. She is so cute and HAPPY! Hard to believe she is 6 months old already!


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