July 19, 2014

Miss Marilyn is EIGHT Months Old!

Marley is Eight Months Old!

 How old are you?
Eight months old (but wearing 12-24 month clothes!)

Do you have any nicknames?
All the same--more consistently responding to my name!

What makes you happy?
Being tickled.  I'm getting more and more ticklish all over! And my friend Aislinn who comes to play a couple times a week so Mom can get some stuff done.  She is SO much fun!

What makes you sad?
Loud cheering.  Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Gordie sure know how to make a ruckus while watching soccer.  But then I burst into tears and all the attention is back on me and they are VERY quiet.

What is your favorite animal?
Ducks!!!! I got to see them in real life this month at my friend Bodhi's birthday party.  There was one that kept giving Daddy looks.  Daddy thought the duck thought I was looking pretty tasty so he protected me just in case the duck wanted a taste.  But don't worry--he didn't nibble me at all!

What is your favorite thing to eat?
Still pears.  Although Daddy ate a chocolate cupcake on the 4th of July that I almost grabbed before he took I bite.  I was so close.  And Mom keeps trying to feed me TINY pieces of puffs.  I don't know how I feel about the whole idea of feeding myself.  If the system ain't broke why would we fix it??

What is your favorite thing to do?
Play the piano! I make beautiful music and soon I'll starting adding lyrics.  Danika better get ready to play me on the radio!

What is your favorite song?
Mommy and I keep trying to convince Daddy that he should really listen to more top 40 with us. So far he's not on board.

What is your favorite TV show?
I could watch Clifford all day long. Love that cute dog.

What are you really good at?
Laughing and snuggling.  

What is your favorite movie?
No movies this month!

What is your favorite color?
Hot pink! The perfect summer color.

Who is your best friend?
Mommy.  I'm reaching for her lots when there are more people around.

What do you and mom do together?
We have dance parties.  Lots and lots of dance parties.  Dad thinks he's too cool.  His loss.

What do you and dad do together?
Bath time! Dad makes sure I get all clean while Mom gets dinner ready.  I've finally mastered the art of splashing around.  I also enjoys sucking as much water from the washcloth as possible before he takes it away.

What is your favorite sport?
Jumping.  I've got skillz.

Where is your favorite place to go?
Out! I hate being cooped up in the house.  I prefer at least one small adventure each day!

What is your favorite book?
Little Pookie Learns to Dance.

What do you think about before you fall asleep?
My toys.  Mommy and Daddy lowered my crib this month because I was starting to pull up.  So now I'm trapped AND staring at my toys.  Mom has starting putting most of them away each night so that they are out of sight.  Sneaky mommy.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A mechanical engineer.  Whenever I play with a toy and it makes noise, I flip it over to try and figure out how it works. This fascination with how electrical things work combined with my almost crawling has increased the baby proofing efforts dramatically.  I'm getting blocked off from all the fun things in the house!

Month 8 brought along so many changes.  Our little baby has become a big squirmy baby interested in learning as much as she can about the world.  She's still sleeping through the night with the occasional wake up or two when she rolls over or loses her paci.  She's rocking on her hands and her knees and can now go from lying on her stomach to sitting up.  She loves jumping and laughing more than anything and is quite the babbling chatterbox. At playgroup she is very into touching all of her friends.  She wants to squeeze there cheeks, hold hands, or grab onto their arms.  We're explaining how to gently say hello to both her friends and the doggies. She just got her fourth tooth and is just starting solids foods (puffs)! And just the other day she crawled for the iPhone! She still prefers to be held--but we are ON THE MOVE!  We love her more and more each day and I really don't want summer to end!

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