December 13, 2015

baby griki 2: maternity photos!



baby griki 2 update: weeks 30, 31, 32, 33

Week 30 was a busy, busy week.  Marley's second birthday party was Saturday.  She had the best time running around with all of her playgroup friends and licking all the frosting off her pumpkin muffin.  The next day Caroline and Mom threw me a wonderful baby shower! On Thursday Marley turned TWO! And started preschool! We can't believe how quickly the past two years have gone by.  Overall I felt pretty well!

Week 31 was Thanksgiving Break! We started off the weekend with maternity photos.  Marley had nightmares Saturday night since her father and uncle decided she should watch The Little Mermaid right before bed!  So we were all tired Sunday and feeling a little out of sorts.  Monday Marley had her two year old check up! Can't believe how much she is grown.  Afterwards, Grant went into work and Marley and I met Grandma for sushi.  Daddy and Grandpa hung the Christmas lights outside since it is now fully acceptable to publicly be celebrating the Christmas season.  Thanksgiving was nice a low key.  We spent the day at home watching the parade and playing as a family.  After nap time we headed over to my parents' house for a delicious meal!

Week 32 a harsh slice of reality after being off for a week.  We kicked it off with our TEN year high school reunion! I thought I would feel older. Or something life altering would happen.  Instead we had fun seeing a bunch of familiar faces and catching up with people in person instead of just via facebook.  Marley missed the memo that we would be out late that night so she was up bright and early at 5:45... Ranie was in Morocco for the week so work went by slower than usual.  I find myself thinking through each trip out of my room.  Do I really have to go check my mailbox? Am I going to have to leave my room later? With lots of bathroom trips thrown in of course.  Grant was swamped with work so Marley took lots of long baths and then we snuggled up to watch Mickey's Christmas Sing Along nightly.  Exhaustion is still the most overwhelming daily symptom.  Each night I'm battling POTS symptoms; but overall we're managing pretty well.

Week 33 kicked off with Marley's first preschool cold.  She was tired and rundown; but still had enough energy to put together the swing for baby brother.  We put her dolly in it right away so she would know what it was for.  She's been putting her blanket on dolly's lap and rocking dolly in it daily ever since.  We know she's going to be the best big sister! We has another doctor's appointment.  Baby is doing thinks it's unlikely I'm going to get to work as long as I want to.  Thursday night we went to Marley's first Winter Sing event! She loved watching the big kids sing and I know she'll have so much fun participating next year.  This was the first week where I felt REALLY pregnant.  So uncomfortable, so much pressure. I want him to cook as long as he needs to...but I'm ready to have my body back.  The tachycardia is out of control. By the evening, my chest hurts from my heart working so hard.  Trying to sit as much as possible to keep the dizziness away!

November 23, 2015

Showering Baby GRIKI #2 with Love!

The day after Marley's second birthday party, Caroline hosted a baby shower for me!  It was so fun to get together with family and close friends to celebrate baby GRIKI #2.  He is so loved already and we can't wait for him to be here.  Caroline went all out with the blue candies and decor.  Mom ordered my favorite cake from Le Gateau and had it decorated to match the shower invitation! Can't believe I was 29 weeks at this point.  Everyone was so generous--we have everything we need for baby! So fun to wash and fold all of his little bitty clothes.  Hoping we'll appreciate it just a little bit more the second time around since we know how quickly it passes!

baby griki 2 update: weeks 26, 27, 28, 29

Week 26 (baby was size of a turnip) kicked off with a prenatal massage and Marley's BIG GIRL BED!  I was too uncomfortable reading to her in her toddler bed and she was running out of room for all of her animals in her tiny bed.  Thankfully, a queen size mattress leaves plenty of room for mommy snuggles before bed and the fifty animals she mothers.  She also pays no attention to the crib in baby brother's room!  Work was busy but nothing out of the ordinary.  Lots of tachycardia this week accompanied by low blood pressure at night.  Another doctor's appointment to check on baby.  Healthy boy, great heart rate! Always nice to check in with the doctors and review the plan.

Week 27 (baby was size of a eggplant) started off with a fun Halloween party at a coworker's house.  Marley loved getting to play in a new backyard but seemed a little out of sorts.  That night she woke up three times and by Sunday morning she had officially come down with a terrible cold.  The whole week was crazy because we replaced all the doors in the house.  Poor Marley (and Grandma) had to suffer through a long week of short (or non existent) naps followed by even longer days of men working in our house.  Thankfully we all survived and our house is SO much quieter with the new doors!

Week 28 (baby was size of a cucumber) was Uncle Gordie's birthday week.  Marley always loves with Gordon or Caroline are over to play! We celebrated his birthday with dinner at our house!  On Halloween Marley and Grant dressed up as Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat.  They were the cutest ever! We had fun at a playgroup party seeing all the kiddos dressed up.  But my body was DONE by the end of the night.  Later in the week Marley got to attend her first cheer practice! She loved it so much! Another doctor's appointment to check in.  Always love hearing baby's heartbeat.  Felt pretty good this week--just so so tired.

Week 29 (baby was size of a head of cauliflower) was supposed to be maternity photos but the weather had other plans.  So GRANT suggested we decorate for Christmas.  Marley was beyond thrilled to wake up from her nap with the house filled with holiday cheer and Christmas music.  We spent the afternoon making Christmas cookies and she had the most wonderful time.  The week felt like a whirlwind with Veteran's day off in the middle of the week.  However, a facial mid week was a nice treat! Overall, feeling ok this week--just continue to be exhausted!

Can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is passing by.  Thankful that the POTS is still something we can manage.  Nights continue to be rough when my body is the most tired so it's lots of early to bed and extra salt!

Sibling photos to return once baby boy is actually here! :)
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