August 23, 2015

baby griki 2 update: weeks 14, 15, 16, 17

Week 14 flew by. No major symptoms to report.  Just feeling more and more pregnant.  Another doctor's appointment.  Always nice and reassuring to hear baby's heartbeat!

Week 15 (baby was size of lemon) was spent enjoying time in Lake Tahoe.  Marley loves the water and being outside so we spent lots of time splashing around and swinging.  Thankfully, no major POTS issues and only a day or two of altitude sickness.  Unfortunately, Grant got hit in the jaw with a golf ball! One of the strangers he and dad were paired up with was apparently terrible.  We are very, VERY thankful that a bad bruise and a very sore jaw have both healed quickly.

Week 16 (baby was size of orange) we found out baby is a boy!! We are thrilled we will have a girl AND a boy! We spent the next day stocking up on a few boy clothes and crib sheets!  Progress on the nursery has been made and Marley is fully transitioned to her toddler bed.  Marley loves exploring the nursery and we anticipate she will spend lots of time playing in there before her baby brother arrives.  Started feeling flutters this week but still nothing too consistent!

Week 17 (baby was size of avocado) meant the end of summer and time to head back to work.  Feeling good and keeping busy.  I was feeling anxious about returning to work.  Summer went by too fast.  And let me tell you, the exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks.  Asleep by 9 each night and wishing the alarm clock would go away each morning.  Thursday night I woke up with an uncomfortable feeling under the left side of my rib cage.  It kept me up for hours.  Initially I thought it was hunger pains, but by the morning I was sure baby boy had wedged himself up a little higher.  Thankfully, moving around at work moved him back down and the feeling went away!

Still so thankful that this pregnancy has been easy.  Praying it stays that way as students are back tomorrow!

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