October 18, 2015

baby griki 2 update: weeks 22, 23, 24, 25

Week 22 (baby was size of banana) and a busy week at work between paperwork and cheer.  Newsflash...although fire/evacuation drills are very important, they are not fun when you're 22 weeks pregnant and it's hot outside.  Trying to keep the blood pressure high enough--one night this week it was so low that it woke me up from my sleep.  But I had another doctor's appointment and got to hear baby's strong heartbeat again!

Week 23 (baby was size of zucchini squash) meant a little more fall decorating by Marley and me.  We celebrated Great-Grandma's birthday with a fun family dinner and then I spent the rest of the week under the weather.  I caught a stomach bug from someone at work and had to spend one day in bed.  Baby and I enjoy any excuse to eat primarily carbs and having a chance to hit the mental reset button was a good thing.  The POTS symptoms continued to set in more.

One day Marley was eating her snack and I asked her if she wanted to kiss her baby brother.  She leaned forward and kissed my stomach.  Then she tried to claw my shirt off to LOVE him.  She loves her big sister book and all the Daniel Tiger baby episodes.  We just know she will be the best big sister!

Week 24 (baby was size of papaya) was baby's first trip to the pumpkin patch! He was warm and snuggly in my tummy while his sister was roasting in her adorable flannel shirt (sorry M!).  Marley's favorite part was walking through the gift store waving to all the kitties and blowing kisses to them.  And I loved loading up the wheelbarrow with several pumpkins to decorate the house.  At work it was Homecoming week so my students were preoccupied and ready for the weekend.  Baby started moving around a lot more.  Love feeling all the kicks and am trying to savor them because I know that although the days feel long, baby will be here before we know it and I will be finished being pregnant!

Week 25 (baby was size of ear of corn) was the week I turned 28! Grant likes to say we're getting close to 30. And then I remind him that he'll be there first...  We had a great family dinner and discovered that baby LOVES birthday cake.  So many kicks afterwards.  The POTS symptoms continue to be present daily and at this point I'm just taking things one day at a time.

So thankful our sweet baby boy is growing healthy and strong.  Equally thankful that my body is hanging in there...and that Grant and my mom take care of all the heavy lifting around here.  Praying that the next 16 weeks go smoothly...and also really looking forward to a week off at Thanksgiving!!

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