January 21, 2016

baby griki 2 update: weeks 38 and 39

Week 38 ended with a false alarm.  I was teaching in the morning and started having some contractions.  Over the next three hours, they became more consistent and painful.  There were between 5 and 7 minutes apart and lasting for 30-50 seconds.  I was SURE it was baby time.  My doctor sent us to L & D, they hooked me up to the monitor, and the contractions slowed way down in both timing and intensity.  So after a few hours of monitoring...home we went.  I took the next day off of work to regroup and rest.  The earlier part of the week was pretty typical.  Tired, feeling very pregnant.  I spent my days busy at work trying to focus on completing everything I needed to.  At home, we spent our time soaking up all the Marley snuggles we could and enjoying one of our last weeks as a family of three!

Week 39 was full of anticipation.  We spent the weekend relaxing and I spent three days at reflexology!  Marley, Grant and I were all extra anxious for baby to arrive.  Monday, Marley and I got to enjoy a fun day together since I didn't have work!  I also had my last doctor's appointment where my doctor was very surprised I was still pregnant.  Tuesday was the first day of finals!  By Tuesday night I was having contractions every 3 to 8 minutes lasting 30-55 seconds a piece.  My doctor sent me to labor and delivery where they saw the contractions on the monitor...but my body wasn't actually making any progress.  Since I'm not 39 full weeks, they don't do anything to help your body progress, so home we went--contractions and all.  Such a frustrating and exhausting experience.  I decided I needed to start my maternity leave on Wednesday.  My body and mind were both exhausted.  POTS was triggering some pretty serious anxiety and I really needed to focus on myself.  Based on the two false alarms with no progression, and my level of anxiety, my doctor has decided to move up my induction to tonight!

Please prayer for a quick and safe labor and delivery for all of us!

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