January 25, 2016

The Name: Clark Carlson

Just like with Marley, we knew we were going to keep Clark's name a secret.  Our families were ruthless.  My grandma had a list of family names that she would rattle through while we were on the phone together.  My mom offered money. His parents would try and catch him off guard. From the time we announced we were pregnant, I worried about how much Grant might share with a few drinks in him.

Pretty quickly we settled on 

Clark Carlson

Clark was my great grandpa's name.
Grant and I never had the chance to meet him.  
But we've loved the name ever since we heard it!
He was a high school teacher in Sanger and president of the Rotary Club.

Carlson is Grant's middle name.
Marley has my middle name and we knew if we were having a boy, 
he would get Grant's middle name.
Carlson is Grant's grandmother's maiden name.

To celebrate his arrival we handed out Clark bars with "It's a Boy!" stickers.
Not many people have their own candy bar...

And of course, now that he's here...his quilt and letters can come out of hiding!

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