about griki

About us
We fell in love in California; but we made our home in the South for two years while Grant was in the Army.  After he was medically discharged, we moved back to California and had our two sweet babies--Marley and Clark.  When we're not spending time with our family and friends, Kingsley is an Education Specialist and Grant is a Director of Operations.

Where does GRIKI come from?

Grant (Gr) + Kiki (iki) = GRIKI

Please don't think we really believe that we're such a big deal that we get to be put in the category of couples with only one name (ie. Bennifer...). We all know how successful those turn out to be. But the nickname started as soon as we started dating and has stuck ever since.  To play off it, we had Team GRIKI shirts made for the bridal party at our wedding.


You can contact us at grikifamily@gmail.com.

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